After thy Departure

INVITATION TO BILLY GRAHAM AFTER THY DEPARTURE (Nafees Ahmad Hamid) (Religious suppression in Pakistan has compelled Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Tahir Ahmad to leave Rabwah — the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Movement in .Islam —and settle temporarily in London from where he is able to conduct the affairs of the Com- munity more effectively. He is the beloved leader of Ahmadi Muslims throughout the world and the following poem expresses the heart-felt sentiments of his followers who.no longer enjoy his blessed presence among themin Rabwah — Editor.) When we heard the sudden news That thou has left the noble town, And gone away far far from us . And we deprived of ‘the noble crown’. And though we knew that this was right And thy leaving us was nothing bad; But light looked dark and day seemed night, And,’ eyes were tears and hearts were sad. ‘.’ From every Rabwah’s house and street, All the charm has flown away. . • Not a’prayer call’is heard; . Nothing can we freely say. With some of us behind the bars, Nothing can we do or say. . . We cannot even name our faith, No one bears to see us gay. We know for sure these days won’t last. The victory sure will come our way. But still we cry and pray and pray, • May Allah swiftly bring that day When hearts shall blossom, eyes will gleam To see thou coming back this way. . With broken hearts we are waiting all And looking forward to that day.

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