From the writings of the Promised Messiah

JANUARY 1985 WRITINGS OF THE PROMISED MESSIAH FROM THE WRITINGS OF HAZRAT AHMAD Our Powerful, Wonderful God “God Himself is constant. He is Eternal, Never Changing, Most Perfect in Himself. Changes are produced in human beings. When one changes for the better, God reveals Himself to him with a new manifestation. When one makes progress, God reveals Himself with a higher manifestation. God exhibits miraculous manifestations of His Power and Glory when man undergoes a miraculous change. This is the root of marvels and miracles… “Our God is a very loyal God and He shows wonderful works for those loyal to Him. The world wishes to swallow them and enemies gnash their teeth against them, but He Who is their friend saves them from every danger and makes them triumph in every field. Blessed is he who firmly holds on to this God. “We believe in Him. We recognized Him. He alone is the God of the world. He has sent down His revelation to me. He has shown powerful Signs for me. He has sent me as the Promised Messiah for this age. There is no other God except Him, neither in the heavens nor on the earth. Whosoever does not put his faith in Him remains deprived of His blessings and lives in confusion. We have received the revelation from our God which is as bright as the sun. We have seen Him. He alone is the God of the world. There is none other except Him. How Powerful and Ever-Living is the God we found; full of wonderful Powers is the God we witnessed. The truth is that there is nothing impossible for Him, except a thing which runs counter to His own Promise and His own Book. “When you stand up for prayer, it is incumbent upon you to hold that your God is Ail-Powerful. Then your prayers will be accepted and you will witness the marvels of His Power, just as we have witnessed. Our witness is based on personal experience, not on hearsay… ‘ ‘God has mastery over everything. But the Book of God has laid down this rule regarding prayer: He treats a righteous person like a friend out of His infinite mercy. Sometimes he does as the person asks, as He has said: ‘Call me and I mil answer you.’ Sometimes He wishes His will to prevail, as He has said: ‘ We will try you with a bit of fear and a bit of hunger…’ This is so He might treat a person according to his prayers to increase his certainty in Him and THE REVIEW OF RELIGIONS JANUARY 1985 sometimes He might do His will and increase his rank and out of love for him advance him along the paths of light… “Our God has countless wonders, but only those witness them who become His with truth and fortitude. He does not reveal His wonders on others who do not believe in His Powers and are not faithful and true to Him. Unfortunate, indeed, is the person who still does not know that he has the Only God who is Master over everything. Our God is our paradise. Our highest enjoyments are in Him. We witnessed Him and found every beauty in Him. This treasure is worth possessing even if one has to sacrifice his life for it. This jewel is worth buying even if one loses everything else for it. “Ye unlucky ones, run to this fountain and it will quench your thirst. This is the fountain of life, it will save you. What shall I do? How can I convey these glad tidings to the hearts? What kind of a drum should I beat through the streets, announcing to everyone that this is your God, so people will hear me? What medicine should I use so people have their ears opened to listen? If you become His, then be certain that God is yours. He will keep awake for you and guard you while you are asleep. You may let down your guard, but God will keep an eye on your enemy and will frustrate his plans. As yet you do not know the Powers inherent in your God. If you knew Him, never a day would come when you would worry about worldly things. A person who owns a treasure will not cry on the loss of a single penny as if he is going to perish for this loss. If you knew about this gold mine that God will suffice for all your needs, you would never lose your cool for this world. “God is a precious treasure, learn His value. He is your helper at every step. You or your material plans are nothing without Him. Do not follow other nations who depend only on material means. … They put all their faith in material means and did not seek strength from God. They are dead and the heavenly spirit has left them as a dove flies away from its nest. They have a craze for worldly things which has cut away all their internal organs. Beware of this madness. “I do not prohibit you from using material means within proper limits. I do forbid you to become slaves of material means, like other nations, and ignore God Who provided these means to you. If you had eyes, you will see that God is everything, anything else is worth- less. You cannot stretch your hand nor retract it without His consent. (Extracts fromKashti-i-Nooh)