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THE AHMADIYYA MOVEMENT The Ahmadiyya Movement was founded in 1889 by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the expected world reformer and the Promised Messiah. The Movement is an embodiment of true and real Islam. It seeks to unite mankind with its Creatorandto establish peace throughout the world. The present head of the Movement is Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad. The Ahmadiyya Movement has its headquarters at Rabwah, Pakistan, and is actively engaged in missionary work. EDITOR Bashir Ahmad Orchard EDITORIAL BOARD Dr. Khalil Ahmad Nasir Dr. Qazi M. Barkatullah Dr. M. Hussain Sajid Mr. Abid Haneef Syed Hasanat Ahmad MANAGER EUROPEAN EDITION A. R. Mughal The REVIEW of RELIGIONS A monthly magazine devoted to the dissemination of the teachings of Islam, the discussion of Islamic affairs and religion in general The Review of Religions is an organ of the Ahmadiyya Movement which represents the pure and true Islam. It is open to all for discussing problems connected with the religious and spiritual .growth of man, but it does not accept responsibility for ‘views expressed by contributors. All correspondence should be forwarded directly to: The Editor, The Mosque, 16 Gressenhall Road, London, S.W.18 U.K. Annual subscriptions: U.K. & Europe U.S.A. & Canada £10 $15 V J CONTENTS Page 1. Guide Posts 2 (BashirAhmad Orchard) 2. Audience with Allah 4 (M.H.Cheema) 3. Atheism Versus God 12 (FaizurRasul) 4. Experiment in Fasting 30 (Dr. H.S.Tanner) 5. Miracles of the Holy Quran 32 (Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) 6. Ahmadiyya Movement and Justice 35 7. The Islamicway of Slaughter 39 (H.M.Sajid,M.D.) 8. Book Review 42 (David Douglas Duncan) 9. Duty and Steadfastness 46 10. Press Report 47 11. Did Jesus die in Kashmir? 50 (D. K. Dixit) 12. The Legal Situation of Tartarian PopulationintheGrand Duchy of Lithuania 54 (JacekSobczak)

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