Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

Jalsa Journal: Reporting from Day 1 of Jalsa Salana UK 2021

And now with Huzoor’s (aba) last address of the day,  Jalsa Day 1 has drawn to an end. What a success it was! Alhumdolilah (all praise belongs to Allah). May we continue to reap the blessings of this blessed event.

Bring on Day 2! The excitement to see Huzoor (aba) at the Lajna side is immense.

More ladies are expected to attend. More rain is also expected. But that will not dampen ours spirits!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Lajna side tomorrow.

The session has ended for the day. Dinner has been packed for attendees and is being handed out at the food marquee

The flag hoisting ceremony will commence shortly, which will officially be the start of Jalsa Salana U.K. 2021. Most of the ladies have made their way back to their seats in the main Lajna Jalsa gah after a lunch break. Patiently waiting for the arrival of their beloved now.

Beloved Huzoor emphasised that there should be no shortages in the care of the guests of the promised messiah (as) due to the Covid restrictions. It was an enlightening message to all the duty holders to do their utmost best to accommodate the comfort of the guests.

After 18 months of doing Jumu`ah at home, it feels surreal to offer prayers behind Hazoor (aba) again. The feelings are indescribable.

Currently, the marquee is about half full, with social distancing measures in place. Each attendee has a chair and a water bottle. All attendees have been asked to bring their own prayer mat. Your prayer mat should be placed on the right side of the chair.

The guests of the Promised Messiah (as) are now walking to the main marquee for the sermon. Finally preparing to read their salat in a large congregation is healing to the soul. These days have been sorely missed.

But some things don’t change. Little plastic bags have been provided at the door for our muddy shoes, and now we sit await beloved Huzoor (aba)

The sun is out! We are making our way to the main Lajna gah. Slowly but surely the marquee is filling up. Not nearly as many people as normal though.

There is something missing though – couldn’t put my finger on if before but finally figured it out! Kids! There are no kids running around! It’s a lot quieter and I definitely miss that ‘ronak’(hustle and bustle of kids).


Lunch time! Plenty to choose from on the menu, something for everyone. There’s pasta, rice and of course daal and Alu gosht!

The Ziafat (food rot the guests) marquee is well ventilated. Chairs are placed with gaps in between to adhere to social distancing measures.



The Ziafat team is behind barriers and handing out food. Friendly as usual. Those handling food are wearing gloves. Small measures to ensure hygiene are in place – like bowls being placed upside down so they are not touched from the top etc



The Ziafat marquee is not full right now – only a few are having lunch now. This will definitely help to prevent the marquee from getting crowded!

I arrived at Hadeeqatul Mahdi at around 10am.
Weather conditions were slightly different from yesterday. Today it’s windy!

At the first checkpoint, our covid vaccination passes along with a negative lateral flow test were checked. This was followed by a temperature check. ID and security checks followed before we were finally inside the Lajna site!

It’s around 10.30am , the tea is brewing, breakfast is being served (chanay) and the sun has made an appearance! Although it is a nice change, it’s making the mud soft! Wellies are must!