Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

People of Jalsa: ‘Cleanliness is Half of Faith’

With a gathering of tens of thousands one can imagine that there is plenty of litter left behind.

Denise Asiya from North London, along with around 20 other team members, helps to keep the outside area of the women’s Jalsa site clean and tidy. They work tirelessly from 8 AM till the evening prayers (around 9:30pm), picking up ‘huge amounts of litter’. When asked why it is she chose to do this duty, Denise replies ‘I hate litter!’ Cleanliness is half of faith. If we start here and keep it as clean as possible, then everything else will follow.’

Denise has been doing litter picking duty for the last 8-10 years. ‘It’s a really lovely, lovely duty. I absolutely love doing it. It’s hard work. Especially when it’s sunny’.

We ask Denise what the most difficult thing to pick up is? ‘Plastic spoons! They break when you try to pick them. They are the most difficult thing to pick up’.

We take a look around the area we are standing in. There is no litter in sight! Despite many attendees, including young children, sitting outside due to the warm weather, the area looks incredibly clean. Denise remarks, ‘Alhamdolillah! (all praise belongs to Allah) It’s been much better today.’

Denise has her three children in tow, ranging from 2 years to 14 years old, helping her. Her sister-in-law and her children are also part of the team. Denise describes her duty as being ‘a little family affair’.