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Jalsa Salana Germany: Providing an Inclusive Space for All Attendees 

ROR Women’s Team

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) has often stressed the importance of the moral upbringing of children. In a 2019 address at the Jalsa Salana in France, His Holiness (aba) stated: ‘One of a woman’s greatest responsibilities is the moral training of her children. Any moral weakness in a child can affect the entire family. Particularly in a secular society, the good moral training of children can be a highly sensitive matter.

One of the most constructive methods of achieving this is by encouraging children to listen to the addresses and advice of His Holiness (aba). Jalsa is a magnificently large-scale affair; it never fails to satiate our spiritual desires. However, for some mothers, bringing their children to such a large event can prove to be a challenge. Here at the Germany Jalsa Gah in Stuttgart, a team of Lajna work tirelessly to provide a sheltered space for children with special needs. In fact, at just entering the room, the characteristic myriad of Jalsa noises come to a pause and there is a quiet serenity. The room is adorned with trinkets for little Jalsa goers. 

We spoke to the in-charge of the women’s side of the Special Needs Care department, Rahila Syed. This is her first year serving in this department. She tells us that in order to prepare for this role, she conducted her own personal research and asked those who would require this facility how she could make this a functional space for them. By contacting the Student Affairs department within Germany Jama’at, she was able to get in contact with women who were experienced and knowledgeable in the field of caring for people with special needs. 

Jalsa Salana Germany: Providing an Inclusive Space for All Attendees 

Perfectly encapsulating the essence of service, in her humility, she tells us that as this is her first time, there are bound to be weaknesses; a person learns and tries their best. Contrary to her modest explanation, women have been peeking in through the decorative windows of this room as they pass by and have been drawn in with their children, eager to explore this safe space. 

This place is for ‘mama and children’, she says. Whichever mother needs whatever type of help, we will try to help them in every way. That is her greatest priority. 

In his Friday sermon, His Holiness (aba) mentioned 10 questions we need to ask ourselves in relation to fulfilling the rights of God and the rights of others. One of the questions on this list was- “Are we making our best efforts to attach our children to the Jama’at?” Jalsa provides an invaluable and irreplicable spiritual awareness, therefore everyone should be able to reap its benefits. Duty holders like Rahila enable an inclusive atmosphere to be built for many to use.