Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

Religion Conquers Fears and Breaks Barriers

ROR Women’s Team

In the recent inauguration of the Mubarak Mosque in Florstadt, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) in his inaugural address stated that all religions must be respected and people of all religions should be protected. He stated, ‘Thus, it is a fundamental teaching of Islam, that religion must be protected, and all other faiths must be protected. It is for this reason that we respect Moses (as), Jesus (as) and the prophets of the Hindus and Buddha (as). We respect every religion that appeared in this world, and in fact, we are commanded to respect all people’. [1]

Tika Bujiashvilli is a Journalist in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been a good friend of the community for several years and has attended many of the community’s events in Georgia. She has travelled from Georgia with the Georgian delegation to attend Jalsa Salana for the second time. We spoke to her after the first session on Friday to capture her thoughts and emotions.

‘This is my second Jalsa Salana, and I saw many interesting things that I did not imagine. I started searching for more information about Ahmadiyyat, about your lifestyles etc. When I first attended Jalsa, people were very nice, kind. I can admit myself, your community is very special; I think that you are the human beings that really love people and humanity and what I found out that all of the people knew we were Christians and I haven’t seen anything that would make me feel different from them [Ahmadiyya Community]. Every year I read articles and watched MTA and became closer to your community…In my life I haven’t had any communication with Muslims to be frank and it was quite a new experience for me, and it was not easy to study; it needed time. Coming to Jalsa and getting to know the community has radically changed my life and my attitude to different religions, and since attending the Jalsa I have accepted other religions, and I think that even though I am Christian but I am Muslim too at the same time, because I don’t see any difference between you and me…Every Jalsa gives me confidence I could say, I come closer to your community. That’s my experience for today

May we become role model members of society, bringing people closer to their Creator through our actions and active efforts to establish peace, love and harmony in the world. Ameen. 


[1] https://rorenglish.wpengine.com/43420/love-of-caliphate-blooms-in-florstadt/