The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet (sa) – Prayers for Blessings in Sustenance and Wealth

The fruits of the extraordinary prayers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) were evident in the blessing and exceptional increase in sustenance and wealth. Hazrat Anas bin Malik (ra) was ten years of age when his parents offered him to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) as a personal attendant. Once, the mother of Hazrat Anas (ra), Hazrat Umm-e-Sulaim (ra) requested the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa): ‘O Prophet of God, Anas is your servant, please pray for him.’ The Holy Prophet (sa) prayed in the words: ‘O Allah, put blessings in the wealth and children of Anas and bless the favours which You grant him.’ Hazrat Anas (ra) relates that ‘This prayer for me was accepted in a glorious fashion. My orchard brings forth fruit twice a year and in my lifetime, the number of my sons, daughters and grandchildren totalled more than eighty.’ Hazrat Anas (ra) lived to a ripe old age of one hundred and three to one hundred and ten years.

Hazrat Jabir’s (ra) father, Hazrat Abdullah (ra) was martyred in the Battle of Uhud. Hazrat Abdullah (ra) owed some money to Jewish moneylenders, and they harshly demanded this money from Hazrat Jabir (ra). He was pressurised so much that he made them an offer of giving the whole yield of his date orchard that year in order to repay the debt. But the Jew did not accept this offer without the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) guarantee. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) went to his orchard and prayed. That year, as a result of the prayer, the yield of dates was so abundant that all the debt was cleared, and still half of the dates were left over. When Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) came to know of this, he remarked that when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) visited the orchard and prayed, we knew that God will extraordinarily increase its fruits.

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