The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) – Prayers for the People of Madinah

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) arrived in Madinah after migrating from Makkah, Madinah was an area of rampant epidemics, and on arrival, some companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), [such as] Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), Hazrat Bilal (ra) and Hazrat A’ishah (ra) were taken ill. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) prayed to God, ‘O my Master, purge this area of epidemics and increase it in sustenance.’

Once a great famine occurred in Madinah. A person stood up during the Friday sermon and entreated the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) in the words: ‘O Prophet of God, the cattle are dying due to drought and the paths have been destroyed. Please pray to God for rain.’ The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) raised his hands instantly and prayed ‘O Allah, remove this drought and send down rain on us.’ Hazrat Anas (ra) relates that the sky was clear and there was no trace of clouds. Suddenly a small cloud rose from behind the hills of Sala‘ and spread in the middle of the sky. It rained and rained well. So much so that they did not see the sun for the whole of the week. During the next Friday’s sermon, another person requested the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) to pray for a break in the rain as the area was flooded and the cattle were dying because of the abundance of rain. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) raised his hand in prayer. He prayed, ‘O Allah move the clouds to the surrounding areas, do not send down rain on us. Make it rain on the mountains, hills, valleys and trees.’ The rain stopped miraculously and when they came outside the sun was shining.

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