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Places of Worship – Temple of Solomon Sao Paulo


Fazal Ahmad, London, UK

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Belief: Christianity

Era: 2014 CE

Brazil is known worldwide for the famous ‘Christ the Redeemer’ status in Rio de Janeiro. Now, the Brazilian capital of São Paulo boasts its own religious symbol: a huge replica of the Temple of Solomon from Jerusalem that is twice the size of that statue.

The project was spearheaded by Bishop Edir Macedo, the founder and leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, a Pentecostal Christian group in Brazil in order to reawaken spirituality and inspire a new generation of Christians.

The 10,000-seat church, which costs $300 million to build, has 11 stories and is 55 metres high (probably 4 times taller than the original structure built by Solomon (as)). Stone was brought in from Israel to add authenticity to the project. Inside, the altar features a replica of the Ark of the Covenant covered in gold. The pews for worshippers were imported from Spain, and the ceiling has 10,000 LED lights to create patterns of star formations.

The complex also includes a copper dome structure that houses a museum, amidst a garden of olive trees mimicking the Garden of Gethsemane.

To some extent, this project has galvanised Christians in São Paulo. But Jewish residents have mixed feelings: on the one hand, the Temple is not fully faithful to the original, whilst on the other hand, it has given a positive boost to the Jewish faith in Brazil. The main impact has come as a tourist attraction for the capital city.


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