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Are Muslims Vegetarian?

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No, Muslims don’t have to be vegetarian. 

Islam actually encourages having a balanced diet. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

‘Eat and drink but exceed not the bounds’ (7:32)

Not only does this mean that you shouldn’t overeat, but it also means that you should have a balanced diet. Rather than always eating the same things, you should have variety in your diet, including: meat, vegetables, fruits etc.

You should eat all of them in the right amounts. 

Islam doesn’t stop you from being a vegetarian, whether it’s for medical reasons or if it’s just a matter of personal choice. It’s entirely up to you.

However, Islam does encourage people to eat a balanced diet and makes it clear that it’s perfectly healthy to eat meat as long as the animals are slaughtered in a humane way and are not killed in the name of any deities other than Allah.

Islam even encourages Muslims to consume meat on occasions like Eid and to ensure that it gets shared with poorer members of the community, who otherwise might not get enough protein in their diet.

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