Poem (Bushra Nayyar) When the sky was dark as night God sent heavenly light To guide the blind, deaf and dumb. The Promised Messiah came to us; Almighty God had sent his king. And along with him he did bring News of successors to follow him. The first did come with great renown Carrying with him the Messiah’s crown. Love of the Messiah filled his soul Who was Nurudeen with a noble goal To uphold the message of his Lord And to spread it near and far abroad. After him came Bashir-ud-din who brought The Holy Spirit which in him was wrought. A better lover of God the world knew not Who toiled day and night never to be forgot. When his time came to bid us farewell The third Khalifa, Nasir Ahmad, did ring the bell. The sound was heard by followers all Who came flocking to their Khalif s call. Once again they saw Allah’s hand Watching over His faithful band. Allah had sent us a messenger of love Whose prayers brought us blessings from above. His flock was one he much attended And broken hearts he prayerfully mended. We all new who next was on the way. It was Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahab Adorned with heaven’s holy garb. He showed his face to his devoted band Who knew he was elected by Allah’s hand. To know the day of triumph was not far away. POEM 31 Through his tears there shone a love Which came only from heaven above. Allah instilled in him Divine love so pure Which in every kind of trial does endure. Allah chalked out a programme for him and us Causing him to leave his home land without fuss. We pine to see that face of God again As our aching hearts await with pain. Our hearts do grieve for the Khalif we adore But both of us know victory is in store. The Will and Promise of God will come true When hearts of men will become changed as new. Promised Messiah’s love for Muhammad “My heart and soul are enchanted with the beauty of Muhammad and my body is like the dust of the path trodden by the progeny of Muhammad. I have perceived with the eye of my heart and have heard with the ear of my intelligence that every part of the universe proclaims the beauty of Muhammad. This fire of mine is borrowed from the fire of the sun of Muhammad and this water of mine is a portion of the flowing waters of Muhammad. This running fountain to which I call people is but a drop from the ocean of excellences of Muhammad”.