Last year, The Review of Religions started a project to archive, index and tag all articles from the first Edition in 1902, up to and including the latest issue.A comprehensive research tool is hoped to be created for researchers, or anyone desiring to quickly navigate through the archives of The Review of Religions in search of specific topics, articles or authors.

With the help of Khilafat Library, who are providing scans of the first half century of The Review of Religions editions, the project is well underway. 1902-1907 Editions have already been uploaded, alongside an index produced by our indexing team, of author names and article titles. In addition, our team in London have copied and scanned editions from 1984 to date, and working with our web developer,  these have been uploaded to our website. In parallel, the tagging team have already gone through nearly all of the last 10 years of editions and have extracted key words from each article. These key words have been formed into ‘tags’ on our website. Readers can go to almost any article from the past 10 years of editions, scroll to where the ‘tags’ are visible, and view these tags, or keywords. Clicking on any of these tags will take one to a page containing all other articles with the same tag, or topic content.

The formulation of a comprehensive index is a challenging task;one we would like our readers to help us with. The main issue faced is that readers of The Review of Religions who use it as a research resource, are from hugely diverse backgrounds, and require research from the past editions for very different reasons. For example, we are often contacted by non-Muslim Professors from various universities around the world, who require research from The Review of Religions for a book they are writing, or thesis. Then there are young, even primary school students who contact us for research whilst preparing an essay or speech on Islam or other topics, for a school assignment. In addition, there are numerous other types of people who require information of some sort from past editions. To keep all of the wide-ranging categories of researchers in view whilst creating an index is a challenging endeavour.

Hence, we request our esteemed readers to assist us by providing feedback on the tags/index/topics list produced thus far. Please do inform us of any suggestions or comments you may have, and we will strive to incorporate your input where possible.

Visit: www.reviewofreligions.org/archives

Email: info@reviewofreligions.org

Readers Respond to Logo Feedback Request

Everyone here at The Review of Religions would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who emailed in response to our request to readers to help choose the logo for The Review of Religions. The logo being used at present is based on the feedback we received. We thank everyone who sent us comments for taking time out to provide their invaluable input.