EDITORIAL CENTENARY NEW YEAR The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community celebrated its centenary on March, 23, 1989. One hundred years ago the Community was formally established by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India who claimed on the basis of divine revelation that in his person had been fulfilled the advent of the Promised Messiah and Al Mahdi whose coming had been foretold not only in Christian and Muslim scriptures but also in those of other religions. It was on March 23, 1889, that the Promised Messiah started taking oath of allegiance from his followers. They were called upon to dedicate themselves with utmost devotion to the high spiritual ideals of Islam. In order to do this one must firmly resolve to do so. There are sins and weaknesses to be overcome and virtues to be developed and practised. In order to attain this goal resolve, in addition to all important prayer, is absolutely essential. The practice of making New Year resolutions is something to be commended although it does not mean that resolutions should not be made at other times also. New Year Day, 1990, is the hundredth to be ushered in since the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was founded, and falls within its centenary year. It is, therefore, a notable occasion for Ahmadi Muslims to make some worthwhile resolutions concerning the betterment of their lives not just for the year 1990 but for all times. Resolution makes objectives much easier to attain. When one makes a resolution of any value then it is worth sticking to until it has been accomplished. Perseverance is essential: Persevere in the right path. (Quran 10 : 89) Perseverance is the difference between success and failure. Lack of perseverance is what more than ever keeps one from advancement and achievement. There are those who make resolutions but fold up as soon as the going becomes difficult and tough. Unfortunately lack of perseverance is a weakness common to the majority of people. This weakness should be overcome by persistent effort and prayer. (continued on page 31)