The Best Form of Defence

The abominable film Innocence of Muslims and new cartoons published in a French newspaper mocking the Prophet Muhammad(saw) has led to a wave of anger across the Muslim world. In light of the teachings of the Promised Messiah(as) and His Successors, we believe the best way to respond to insults levelled against Islam is to present its true and beautiful teachings in a peaceful and logical manner.

Thus over the past year The Review of Religions has been featuring articles to demonstrate the rational and practical teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the lofty example of the Founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad(saw). As attacks against Islam are gaining strength and worsening in their vulgarity, over the next few Editions, we will feature even more detailed material to prove the peaceful nature of Islam and to present aspects of the life of the Benefactor of Humanity, the Mercy for All Mankind, the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw), whose compassion, tolerance and forbearance were unparalleled.

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