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EDITORIAL LIGHT OF THE AGE Despite the variety of religions in the world today, the average person is unable to single out any one of them which is able to enable him to attain a realisation of the existence of God and a personal relationship with Him. If the world is to be-saved from present-day materialism then a practical message must be presented to mankind. People have become distrustful of the efficacy of prayer and have begun to doubt whether there is even a God who exists and answers prayers. The only sure sign of God’s existence is His living Word which He reveals to man through divine revelation. Throughout all ages He has manifested Himself through the means of revelation not only to His Prophets and Messengers in abundance but also even to ordinary individuals. The belief is encouraged by almost all religions that God’s attribute of converse is a thing of the past. The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam proclaims to the world the important truth that God holds communion with man by means of divine revelation and heavenly signs in the same way as He used to do in the past. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi and the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam was a profuse recipient of divine revelation from God. He described this converse as being just the same as two people holding a conversation. As already mentioned this experience is not confined only to God’s chosen Messeng- ers but can be tasted also, though to a lesser extent, by ordinary ‘individuals. The Ahmadiyya Movement realises the need to propagate worldwide this truth and this is exactly what it has been doing since its inception in 1889. Describing the necessity of his advent Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared: I have been sent by God to remove the mist of doubt which exists in man’s relationship with God, and to re-establish love and sincerity, and to lay the foundation of peace by revealing the truth, and thereby exterminate all religious antagonism. I shall reveal those divine truths which lie hidden from the eye of the world, and shall give an example of the purity of soul which lies suppressed under the darkness of sin. lam to explain, not merely by saying it, but from my own personal experience, the divine powers which manifest them- selves in man by prayer or concentration of mind. Furthermore I am REVIEW OF RELIGIONS 3 to re-plant in the mind of my followers that bright and pure tree of the Unity ofGod,freefrom any polytheistic ideas, which is now dead. All this will take place, not by my efforts, but by the power of God Who is the Creator of the earth and the heavens. (Lecture on Islam) This is an inspiring message of hope. Amid the darkness of unbelief the light of God has illuminated the way of spiritual progress. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad through person’al divine experiences demonstrated the truth and efficacy of Islam and showed to what heights of spiritual eminence man was capable of attaining. The Word of God was revealed to him which revived the souls of men. There are many members of the Ahmadiyya Movement whose faith has been strengthened by similar divine experiences though on a lesser scale. These experiences were not only enjoyed by contemporary companions of the Promised Messiah but also by devout followers right down to this day in all parts of the world. Describing the signs of the truth of a true and living religion the Promised Messiah said: That religion alone is true which demonstrates that God hears and speaks in this age also. In a true religion God attests His existence through His speaking. (Chashma Masihi) Ahmadiyyat or the True Islam fulfils and demonstrates this great truth which is a powerful divine sign for all ‘seekers after truth. GARMENT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS The garment of righteousness is a term of the Holy Quran. This points to the fact that spiritual beauty and spiritual adornment can only be achieved through righteousness. And righteousn- ess means that a person should, to the best of his ability, discharge his responsibilities regarding his faculties and coven- ant of faith with God as a sacred trust. Also he should pay full regard to what he owes to his fellow human beings and to all that is created by God as a trust imposed by Him. He should tread thepath of righteousness to the minutest detail according to the best of his ability. (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)