Blessings of the Quran

24 BLESSINGS OF THE QURAN (Hazrat Mirza Bashirud Din Mahmud Ahmad) I hereby draw your attention to the splendid treasure of the Holy Quran which’God has provided for the benefit of mankind. All the observatories built to wrest the secrets of the heavens and all the scientific researches carried out in the past, the present and in the future, pale altogether into insignificance when compared with the powerful beams ‘which the Holy Quran brings to bear on these points. When compared with the Holy Quran the light of physical sciences is not even likened to the glow of a glow-worm with the light, of the sun. The physical sciences do not amount to anything at all. The Holy Quran is the Word of God which bears, an infinite expanse of meaning. It is an open Book for us just as it has been an open Book for those living in the past. It was undoubtedly an open Book for Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali (first four Caliphs.) It has also been an open Book for thousands of scholars and saints. It is- also open for us today when material sciences are making new strides creating new vistas • for human eye to scan. In fact, with the daily advancement of material sciehces,new angles and new interpretations of the inexhaustible meaning of the Holy Quran come into view for those with pure hearts and eyes trained for the sacred task. In these times of fresh discoveries on every side’which material sciences regard as facts, they are marshalled more and more in attempts by worldly people to outshine the lustre of the Quraninc truths which in turn, however, dazzle the eyes of those who try to extinguish their light. These fresh expositions of the sacred truths of the Holy Quran constituted the mission of the Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, who was the Imam and Mahdi of the age. This is one of the reasons why the whole world has been ranged against us who have inherited the mission of the Promised Messiah. People resent it when we find new meanings and interpretations of the Holy Quran which have laid inherent in its sacred text to meet the needs of the times when they arise. Other so called Muslims call it heresy. The rest of the world which would rather see the Holy Quran discredited resent our stand point because of their disconcerted endeavours to haul down the banner of Islam. These Quranic truths expounded by the Promised Messiah constitute the treasures which the Promised Messiah among the people in profuse REVIEW OF RELIGIONS 25 abundance, and these are the treasures which are. being distributed even today all over .the world through the missionary activities of the Ahmadiyya Movement. If the world opposes us in our task we do not care in the least; If people are hostile to us it does not matter. If we are the recipients of malice it is all in the days work for nothing will make us desist. Let those who want to stab us do what they will. If we die in the service and defence of the Holy Prophet of Islam the death would be welcome. On the other hand if we succeed, as we shall, then our success will have all the more grandeur for we shall have won it in the teeth of resolute opposition from the whole world. We must always bear in mind that a very great and noble task has been entrusted to us. Our mission is to establish the superiority of Islam over all other religions and points, of view prevailing in the world. We should strive to the best of our ability to imbibe within ourselves the real and true spirit of Islam. We should understand its teachings thoroughly, sincerely and zealously translate them into action during the course of daily contacts with our fellow-beings. Unlike other Muslims who fail to practise their faith properly we should vibrate and project the wonderful teachings of Islam at all times. which most people take against us. We should not attach too much importance’ to their superficial criticism and to objections which they raise. We should never shut our eyes to the task of improving ourselves morally and spiritually. If we stand as people in the-sight of Allah as people genuinely desirous of serving the cause of Islam then, being frail human beings, God would overlook small faults in which sometimes .we cannot help. He never brings disgrace upon his honest servants. Human frailties are found even in the Prophets of God. Weaknesses of this kind, if combined with a genuine and deep desire to serve the sacred cause, are overlooked by God out of His mercy. Have you not seen that to a father his own child appears to be the most beautiful even though in your eyes he has a coal black complexion, thick ungainly lips and altogether unpleasant features. Despite its ugliness the father considers the child as a part of his own heart. Similarly if we serve the cause of God’s Messenger and become His spiritual children dq you think He is likely to spurn us for our ugliness? A thousand times nol He will not spurn us but hold us dear to His heart. It should be kept in mind,however, that all the time we should be striving to purge ourselves of our weaknesses. If we do so honestly and sincerely we shall be like a child learning to walk but who often stumbles even over insignificant obstacles and often falls sprawling in the dust and 26 REVIEW OF RELIGIONS dirt. The father never despises it for its falls and consequent dirty condition. In fact on every effort of the child to keep on its feet and walk he feels a fresh upsurge of warmth and love for the little hero. Likewise if we do our level best to overcome our wealcnesses then our case would be very similar. If we possess a genuine desire in our hearts to live in this world in the light of Islam then let us be rest assured that our Lord and Master would not deprive us of His succour. Let us, therefore, continue to strive to revive that real:Islam which in the rest of the world is altogether dead. (Sair-i- Ruhani) (from page 6) they have rendered for Islam and whether, as a result of that service, their condition is a reward-for it? .Their mistake is that they have rejected the call of the Promised-Messiah and persisted in opposing him with abuse and cruel activities. They have spread all kinds of false stories about him and have been permitted to do so by the Government. Ahmadis have been forbidden to defend themselves. This is the great work which Pakistan has done to win the pleasure of God. If the present condition of the country is God’s reward then His punishment would have been better ! There is a need that the nation should understand the reality of the situation. This can be done by repeatedly drawing the matter to the attention of the nation. Whatever portion of the nation can be saved let it be saved. Like a .frugal person who does not let any part of food go to waste so also no good part of the nation should be allowed to go waste. May God grant it intelligence and awareness so that as many of its people as possible may be saved from God’s punishment which I see rapidly deteriorating. In their wrong doings they are blind not knowing whether they are coming or going. May God grant them wisdom and may He enable the Ahmadiyya Community to pay extra attention in arousing them out of their folly. I see hard times before my eyes. There is only hope for the nation through earnest prayers and signs of warning. May God enable us to be among those who save and not destroy.

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