Guest Reflections and Messages of Support for the Address of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba at Special Reception in Melbourne


This issue features the keynote address delivered by the 5th Khalifah of the Promised Messiah and Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba on 11th October  2013, in Melbourne, Australia. Some comments and reflections of dignitaries in attendance are as follows: 

“I loved it! I can see why he is a leader of world peace because he says exactly what I wanted to hear. And he touched on the countries and the problems of the world. I can see why he is getting on with the heads of governments of other countries. I wish all Islamic leaders were like that –we would not have any trouble in the world.”

Pam Mamouney Casey
Multifaith Network

“It was actually an honour for me to meet His Holiness. Truly the values that the Ahmadi culture actually preaches are very, very close to our own.  Love for All, Hatred for None is a fantastic message and it’s something that the entire community should embrace.

Major General Paul McLachlan,
Defence Meteriel Organisation Head of Land Systems

“I actually had an opportunity to go up to him and have a little chat with him. I asked a specific question about interfaith and peace building. And what he told me was very inspiring. Do you want know what he told me? He said “Peace begins with you; peace begins at home. If you have peace in you, it means that you are projecting peace, and if everyone of us had, peace it means that we would be projecting peace to each other.” That was very fundamental and that was very key to me.”

Stephen Sibanda
Chairperson, Africa Day Australia Inc.

“I found it compelling listening. The message was very strong and I think the message that he had to deliver us was a special one and it’s the one we should all take on board in everything we do, irrespective of your religion. It doesn’t matter what you believe. But I think that there is the universal message about peace, non-violence, justice, and service which were something we should all take with us tonight and try and live by.”

The Hon. Judith Graley, MP
Labour Member for Narre Warren South, Australia

“I found His Holiness and his message and his speech to be one of obviously of peace. He is obviously a man who has given and is very committed to peace amongst the world and I found him extremely illuminating and informative.”

The Hon. Maria Vamvakinou, MP
Federal Member for Calwell – Labour Party

“I thought it was one of peace and harmony and that’s what we should be speaking to each and every one of us and to have that content and delivery really demonstrates the good will amongst everyone here tonight.”

Amanda Stapleton
Mayor of Casey

“I thought it was inspirational actually. A lot of discussion about the UN and perhaps where they need to step up a little more – so that was really interesting hearing his perspective of that. All the speakers, I thought, had a lot to say and a lot to offer in the evening

Kate Smith
Victoria Police Inspector – Community Engagement

“I thought his speech was very challenging and I thought it was very important for us to be confronted with issues of the lack of justice in our world and the real importance of getting all people together, to work together. Not some people good; some people bad; [rather] we must always work together. I thought that was the message I took out of what he was saying.

Prof. Constant Mews
Director – Centre for Religion and Theology, Monash Uni.

“It seems like, after seeing His Holiness, that there has been a special seed of peace sown in Melbourne. What His Holiness spoke about as far as Syria is concerned, is of world importance. Fortunately, there is someone like him to say it to world leaders and to politicians and to get their attention because someone has to get their attention. He lives it. Its inspirational.”

Norman Terrick

“There is no point travelling all the way from London to Australia if you are not going to tell the real situation and the truth. His Holiness told the truth when he said the world is in serious danger. I hope people pay heed to his message. I would also like to say that Melbourne is very lucky to have such an esteemed figure visit us. It is very apparent how much the Ahmadis love their Khalifah.”

Female Fire Officer representing Melbourne’s Fire Service

“Huzur’s [His Holiness’] speech was perfect. I just wish he had spoken for longer. The essence of his speech was that there is no peace in the world because there is no justice. It was a truly wonderful analysis. I should also say that the dignity of this event was greater than I have witnessed at any other event.”

Rashid Sultan
Pakistani intellectual

“The speech was extremely thought provoking. I listened to every single word intently.”
Somalia’s Consul General

“I was so impressed by His Holiness’ analysis of the Arab Spring. He was bold but absolutely correct in everything he said. I did not expect such a thorough analysis.”

Dr. Ghalib Jabi
from Kuwait

“It was a very appropriate speech. His message highlighted the importance of dialogue and I understood that he wished to convey that because we are all God’s Creation we should treat [each] other with mutual respect.”

Murray Davies
Bahai Faith – Chair of Interfaith Council

“What a truly wonderful event! It is amazing to see that whilst the rest of the Muslim world is fragmented and divided, your community is so united and together. The message of peace His Holiness wishes to convey is amazing, however it will be difficult to convey in today’s world.”

Roger Page
Principal Nossal High School

“His Holiness is a man of peace. Our organisation would love for His Holiness to speak at our events. We would pay for his tickets and give him the protocol that a leader of his status deserves. He would be entirely our guest. We believe His Holiness should have a voice at the United Nations.”

John Bellavance
International Peace Federation

“What His Holiness said is exactly what I believe and what I try to practice. There is no difference in my belief and his belief. I already try to live my life in a good and peaceful way and now will try even more so.”

Tracey Florence

“The words of His Holiness were truly universal. His message was for everyone.”

Pamela Englander

(Source: MTA International/AMJ Central Press Desk)

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