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Reformation-Part IV

When a person shuns bad deeds and he yearns to do good and prays to God, then God helps him and takes him too peace and security. Excerpts from the discourses...


Moons of Light

Understanding from Islam and other faiths about the nature of Divine Light which is seen on the faces and expressions of prophets.


The Path to Success

Review of Religions: September 200112 People desire progress, but they do not appreciate how progress is achieved. Worldly people assume that progress is...

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My Faith

Review of Religions: September 200124 Faith is unyielding conviction. It is the absence of fear and doubts. In its purest form there is no deterrence or...


The Way of Seekers

24 FRIDAY SERMON THE WAY OF SEEKERS (Hazrat Mirza Bahiruddin Mahmood Ahmad.) Thus what do we gain by believing in a prophet if we remain the same old bunglers...


Eighty Years Ago

20 EIGHTY YEARS AGO (The following is an extract from the Review of Religions dated January, 1908) Thus as God is the God of the whole world and not of...