Re-Featured Articles

Ramadan – The Sacred Month of Fasting
Malik Jamil R. Rafiq - Rabwah Pakistan
Brief overview of fasting in world religions, and a thought-provoking insight into how fasting is observed by Muslims during Ramadan.
The Blessed Month
Muzaffar-Ud-Din Chaudhry
An introduction to the activities Muslims engage in during Ramadan.

May 2014

From the Archives: The Promised Reformer of Islam
Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan
Personal experiences of being in the august company of the Promised Messiah.
Message to Arab world on ‘Khilafat Day’ His Holiness delivers a 2nd historic message regarding the foretold institution of Khilafat.
Listen to the Voice from the Heavens
Ohio - USA, Tariq H. Malik
3 day live program broadcast from the tiny hamlet of Qadian.
Laying the Foundations for a Spiritual Revolution Among the Arabs An Interview with Muhammad Shareef Odeh from the Holy Land.
Reaction from the Arab World to the Message Arabs around the world respond