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Mary: A Personal Reflection
Born as a Catholic and a convert to Ahmadiyyat Islam, Imam Ibrahim Noonan reflects on the significance of Mary in the Catholic church as well as what we can learn about her from Gospel accounts. (Ibrahim Noonan; Galway - Ireland)
Jesus Christ did not Die on the Cross – A Cardiologist’s Perspective
Medical evidence indicates that Jesus(as) would have survived the crucifixion. (Professor M M H Nuri - Rabwah)
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ(as) – An Alternative Reading of the Four Gospels
Jesus(as) could not have died an ‘accursed death’, the punishment for those hanged on the cross. Biblical evidence proves that he survived the ordeal of the crucifixion. (S M Ahmad)
Did Jesus(as) Really Die, Rise from the Dead and Ascend to Heaven?
Close analysis of Biblical events indicate that Jesus(as) was not resurrected from the dead, but rather from a ‘death-like’ state, or swoon. (Navida Sayed - UK)
Real Christianity
(Shameem Ahmad Khalid)
The Gospel Tested by History
From the “Freethinker” of June 22nd, 1902