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Guide Posts

Glimpses into various religious and spiritual topics in different scriptures.

Way of the Seekers

An in-depth exposition of the philosophy of morals, the concept of sin and virtue and how ethics can be made a part of everyday life.


Reformation-Part IV

When a person shuns bad deeds and he yearns to do good and prays to God, then God helps him and takes him too peace and security. Excerpts from the discourses...


Moons of Light

Understanding from Islam and other faiths about the nature of Divine Light which is seen on the faces and expressions of prophets.


Deeds and Results

The REVIEW of RELIGIONS A monthly magazine devoted to the dissemination of the teachings of Islam, the discussion of Islamic affairs and religion in general...


Wisdom of the Ages

The Roman Attitude (Nasir Ward) The Roman government made little distinction between the Jews and the Christians; as both were following the same practices...



Advent of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (Abdul-Wahab Adam) Some years ago, after one of the Arab-Israeli wars, when the combined forces of the Arab nations...