In Praise of Queen Victoria

The Promised Messiahas & Imam Mahdi (Guided One)
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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

The role of governments is integral in obtaining worldwide peace in the current times of conflict and war. We present an excerpt from A Gift for the Queen written by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Promised Messiah, on a just, beneficent, and peace-loving Government.

It is under divine commandment – not due to my own thoughts or volition – that I occupy myself in praying for this government under whose shadow of security I am passing my days in peace. I am grateful for its favours, and take its pleasure as my pleasure. I convey to it honestly what has been conveyed to me. Therefore, on the occasion of this jubilee – remembering the continuous favours of Your Majesty, which concern our lives, wealth and honour – I present a gift of gratefulness, and that gift is the prayers which arise from the heart and every grain of the body for the safety and honour of Your Majesty.

O Empress and the Honoured Queen! Our hearts bow before the Almighty praying for Your Majesty, and our souls prostrate before the One God for your honour and safety. O Honoured Empress of India! We congratulate you from our heart and soul on the occasion of the jubilee celebration, and pray to God that He may reward you abundantly for your beneficence that has reached us through your benign government and through your peace-loving administrators. We consider your being a great blessing from God for this land, and we regret that we cannot find words to adequately express our gratitude. May every prayer that a truly grateful one can offer for you, be accepted from us for you. May God grant you comfort with the fulfilment of your objectives. May He greatly bless your days, health and well-being. May He continue to augment your honour and glory. May He show your progeny the days of honour like yours and continue to bless them with victory and triumph. We greatly thank the Merciful and Munificent God who showed us this delightful day, and who provided us security under such a beneficent, generous, just, and intelligent queen. Under her blessed rule, she has provided us the opportunity to attain all the good of the world and of faith, so that we may carry out acts of true beneficence towards ourselves, our nation and our fellow beings, and may tread upon the path of progress freely – the path that not only saves us from the undesirable acts of the world but also enables us to attain the everlasting good of the hereafter.

When we consider all the goodness, and the means to achieve goodness, that we have gained during the reign of this Empress of India – as well as all these doors of welfare and beneficence that have opened to us during the auspicious period of her sovereignty – it provides us with strong evidence that the Empress of India harbours exceedingly good intentions for the progress of the public. It is an accepted matter that the intention of the ruler has a great effect on the internal condition, morals and behaviour of the public. Or, it can be said that when a sovereign governs over a part of land with good intentions and justice, it is the practice of God Almighty that the citizens of that land become attentive to good values and virtuous morals; and a trait of sincerity towards God and His creatures develops among them.[1]


  1. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, A Gift for the Queen (Tilford, Surrey, UK: Islam International Publications LTD., 2012), 13-14.


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  • I can’t choose best words for the brave action of Hazrat Masih Mau’ud a.s.than saying
    alhamdulillahi robbil ‘aalamin.