Personal Proof of God

The Promised Messiahas & Imam Mahdi (Guided One)
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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas

The aim of my sending the handbills and the posters to America and Europe is that I should lead them to the God whom I have seen myself. I do not want to show them God in the form of stories. I should like to present myself to them as a witness to the Existence of God. It is a simple and straightforward matter. Whoever moves towards God finds that God moves towards him with a quicker speed than his own. We observe that when somebody is in the good books of a respectable person, he also is given respect by the people. Do you then think that he who has attained the nearness of God will not be [shown] anything by way of Signs that will manifest [the] great and unlimited powers of God?[1]

Practical Experience Leads to the Realisation of God

I try to call people to come and stay with me; at times I do so by making announcements that they should come. It is all because I should like to inform them of the God whom I have found and seen, and that I should show the shortest path to reach Him; the path that ultimately makes man a Godly man. In fact I do not believe that mere stories of the past can add to one’s God-realisation. It is possible only through practical experience, and that is not possible without treading on the path that is ours. One has not to pass through hardships to tread on this path; it is the mind that works here. In fact, God looks at the heart, and the heart that is full of the love of God does not stand in need of an idol to be before him. Idol worship can never lead a man to correct and definite conclusions.[2]


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