The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa)

Loving Treatment of Servants

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It was always the practice of the Holy Prophetsa that he would treat his servants and slaves with extreme love like his own kith and kin. Hence, Muhammadsa was affectionate to Zaid. Since Zaid possessed a sincere heart, he also developed love for Muhammadsa. Meanwhile, Zaid’s father Harithah and paternal uncle Ka‘b came to Makkah while looking for him. Both of them presented themselves before the Holy Prophetsa and with great humility requested the freedom of Zaid, so that he may return home with them. Muhammadsa responded, ‘Absolutely! If Zaid wishes to leave with you I delightedly give him permission to do so’. At this, Zaid was called upon and was asked by Muhammadsa, ‘Zaid, Do you recognise these people?’ ‘Yes,’ responded Zaid, ‘they are my father and paternal uncle’. Muhammadsa said, ‘They have come to take you. If you wish to leave with them, I gladly give you permission to do so.’ ‘I shall not leave you on any account,’ answered Zaid, ‘to me, you are far dearer than my own uncle or father.’ Zaid’s father responded with great anger and grief, ‘What? Do you give preference to a life of slavery over that of freedom?’ ‘Yes,’ responded Zaid, ‘for I have witnessed such virtues in him as now, I can give preference to none above him.’1

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