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As a practising Catholic with a Degree in Religious Studies I would like to draw your attention to the morally obnoxious belief held by Conservative Evangelicals that unless an individual has a personal relationship to Jesus Christ he or she is eternally damned. According to them the Compassionate Buddha and Compassionate Muhammad, both of whom I love, are now undergoing eternal torment. Muslims butchered by the Serbs, Buddhists butchered by the Khmer Rouge, non-Christian victims of genocide in Africa and Jews slaughtered by the Nazis are to the Conservative Evangelical now enduring considerably more suffering. Hitler creates concen-tration camps for the Jews but the evangelical God is worse for He punishes them with eternal suffering. The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, Matthew 25:31-46, reveals all who have shown compassion to those in need are judged worthy of salvation by the Son of man for it is also love to him. I believe this Parable also occurs in Islam but God is the Judge. In Luke 23:24 Jesus prays for the forgiveness of the Jews and Romans who have brought about his crucifixion because they acted out of ignorance. This statement was so radical most manuscripts of Luke’s gospel excluded it. God is clearly merciful to those who make mistakes in following their consciences. I love Jesus but the Conservative Evangelicals make him a cruel tyrant who desires eternal vengeance.  I know you do not believe all non-Muslims are damned.

Peace and Love

Andrew Harvey
Carlisle, UK

It is sad that government of Malaysia banned catholic Christians to use the word ALLAH in their media and worship.  It is an opportunity for Muslims to show to the Christians that their Bible preaches oneness of God called Jehovah or Elloi which means ALLAH. Chapter 112 of the Holy Qur’an teaches that Allah is only One God and He begets not, nor is He begotten; and there is none like unto Him.

Muhammad Latilo

There are modern precedents to the use of the word “Allah” in non-Islamic literature/ publications, e.g. in the Christian Arab world, as in Egypt etc; also I believe the Bible in Arabic uses “Allah” for God!

Ahad Bhunnoo
London, UK

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