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The Power of Prayer – Clear Skies

Zaki-ud-Din, Canada

It was a Saturday in November of 2010; a few of us Khuddam (Ahmadi youth) had planned to go to a small town which was a little over two hours away, to meet with people and introduce to them the true, peaceful message of Islam. I was responsible for getting everyone together and organizing the entire trip.

We gathered at 8 am and were about to depart as scheduled. Just as we were getting ready to leave, the weather took a turn for the worst as freezing rain began hailing down. The weather had become so bad, that it seemed impossible to travel anywhere. In fact there were even extreme weather warnings advising that it would be best to avoid driving on the roads due to the weather conditions.


I was very worried, as I was responsible for this plan, and everyone had already gathered; it would be a shame to cancel the entire program. At that moment however, it seemed that it would be the only option.

As I was contemplating what should be done, I received a phone call from the National Sadr (President of the Youth Association) who was asking what the status of our program was. When I informed him of the situation, he said that everyone should pray. And so, he led a silent prayer over the phone and we all raised our hands and prayed for God to help us. Upon the completion of the prayer, the National Sadr that we were going out for a noble cause, and so we should continue with our plan as scheduled and pray that all goes well.

So, despite the intense freezing rain, we continued with our plan and continued praying for our safety and that all would go well. We started driving along our route, and just as we were about to go onto the highway, all of a sudden, the freezing rain stopped. Not only did it stop, but the sky cleared and the sun came out. The entire way, the weather remained very pleasant. We reached the town and spoke to many people and had great conversations and were able to tell people about the true message and teachings of Islam as we had intended to do.

After a day of successful work, we made our way back home. The weather reamined just as pleasant. But to our astonishment, as soon as we came off of the highway, the freezing rain started again with the same force as it had been in the morning.

We immediately realized that it was as a result of our prayers and the noble cause we had set out for that God had cleared the skies for the duration of our trip.