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A Miraculous Path Opened by Prayer


Muhammad Jabir, Canada

For many Syrians, 2014 was a time of great strife and anguish due to the prevailing war and the toll that it was taking of the inhabitants of Syria. It was during this time, that my son Ali Jabir fled Syria as a refugee and migrated to Lebanon, from where he made his way to Bosnia. It was upon reaching Bosnia that Ali had an ardent desire of settling in Sweden. The only problem was that he did not have any sort of travel documents or a visa in order to travel to Sweden.

While in Bosnia, Ali was living with one of his friends, who knew of his desire to settle in Sweden. However seeing as he did not have any of the required documents and obtaining them would be extremely difficult given the circumstances, his friend advised him to abandon any dreams of travelling to Sweden – it was impossible!

Rather than giving up hope, Ali decided to leave the matter to prayer. He wrote a letter to His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), the Fifth Caliph and Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, requesting him to pray for some sort of path to open up in order for him to be able to settle in Sweden. Along with this, he asked his mother to specifically pray for this purpose and he also continued to fervently pray himself. The situation was such that it was not easy to travel from Bosnia to surrounding countries, but Ali was firmly convinced that God would answer the prayers of the Caliph, the prayers of his mothers and the supplications which he had been making himself.

Then, a path miraculously manifested!

Bosnia decided to re-activate an old airport on a trial basis, and the very first test flight from this airport was going to Sweden. They were offering these tickets at a very low fare, and so Ali immediately jumped at the opportunity to go to Sweden and purchased a ticket. But that was not all. He still did not have any visa to enter Sweden. However, upon arrival, he was able to enter into Sweden without any difficulties and without being asked to present any sort of travel documents. In this way, due to his prayers, the prayers of his mother, and most of all the prayers of His Holiness, the Caliph (aba), his dream of going to Sweden was fulfilled.  

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