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How The Review of Religions en Espanol is Gaining Ground in Latin America


Azhar Goraya, Mexico

Renowned for its indigenous populations with their colorful, vibrant attire and intriguing customs, Latin America is a land of breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences.

Covering 20 million square kilometers (13% of the world’s land mass), it is composed of 20 countries, 14 territories and is home to about 652 million people, or about 12 percent of the world population.

Systematic colonisation of the Americas began in in the 1400s, which led to the entire area being conquered by the Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Due to colonisation, most of Latin America now speaks Spanish and adheres to Roman Catholicism.

Nevertheless, this land and its people have been destined to receive the message of the Messiah of the age. Indeed, the lands of Latin America began to reverberate along with others in anticipation and confirmation of the Messiah. An earthquake struck Chile in 1906 which Hazrat Mirza Ghluam Ahmad (as), the Promised Messiah (as) declared a sign in his support. Nevertheless, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at was not able to establish missions in this part of the world for many decades.

Over 100 years later, and under the auspices of His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we are beginning to see Ahmadiyyat lay down its roots in many of these hitherto distant lands:

ہر طرف آواز دینا ہے ہمارا کام آج

جس کی فطرت نیک ہے وہ آئے گا انجام کار

Our work today is to proclaim [our message] in all areas,

He whose nature is pure will come to us in the end.

Over the past few years, new missions have been established in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia to name a few. To further facilitate the work of spreading the true message of Islam, His Holiness conceived the idea of and subsequently launched the Spanish edition of the Review of Religions in 2018 from Guatemala, so that the hundreds of millions of people in Latin America may be spiritually enlightened to the true message of Islam.

A physical magazine is printed quarterly and shipped to all of the missions in Latin America. Regular articles and audio podcasts are also being uploaded and shared on social media. Through the permission and guidance of His Holiness, a video podcast was also launched featuring Imams of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community living in Latin America explaining the basics of Islam, reality of the concepts of Christianity, and burning contemporary issues. Owing to the popularity of the podcast, a weekly live broadcast was also launched in which different panels of Imams comment on world events and interesting news articles, respond to questions sent to the podcast, and also respond to questions and comments received live. Along with the video podcasts, images, short one-minute videos, and short articles summarising the contents of the podcasts are also being produced weekly, with the goal of having the message of Islam reach everyone, regardless of their preferred method of media consumption.

The efforts of The Review of Religions are slowly starting to bear fruit, and we are just beginning to see the first few individuals pledging allegiance to Islam and Ahmadiyyat after encountering our content, which has reached over one million people on social media.

A Sunni convert in Chile became interested in the Ahmadiyya Musim Jama’at upon seeing some of the video content of The Review of Religions En Espanol. He was fascinated by the idea of the coming of the Mahdi (Guided One), and at the same time disheartened by the attitude of Sunnis and Shias. Upon learning our views, he decided to enter the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Another woman in Mexico had her doubts resolved upon seeing the content of The Review of Religions En Espanol and decided to accept Islam Ahmadiyyat. Two non-Muslim friends in Puerto Rico were also convinced of the truth of Ahmadiyyat, in part because of the content of The Review of Religions en Espanol. One young man in Mexico, an atheist, recently wrote to us that upon viewing our content he had come to believe that there must be a Creator. People from different countries who have listened to our message and have wanted to learn more about Islam have been put into contact with their local Jama’ats for further information.

Not only are people entering the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, but important new contacts and friendships have also been formed in different countries. A highly regarded reporter and expert on Islamic affairs from Chile contacted the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community after watching the Review of Religions podcasts. He was extremely impressed with the community’s views on blasphemy and apostasy and offered to help spread our message amongst his peers and contacts. Argentina has a large population of Jewish people. A young rabbi, the son of one of the most prominent rabbis in Argentina, contacted the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community after watching the content and is learning about Islam with our local missionary.

Through The Review of Religions online platforms, two interfaith events have been held with highly placed Jewish and Christian leaders on the topics of the unity of God, prayer and abortion.

How true was the promise of Allah to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah (as):

ینصرک رجال نوحی الیھم من السماء

“Men whom We inspire from heaven will help you.”

Moreover, the content being produced by The Review of Religions en Espanol is becoming the primary vehicle for spreading the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat across Latin America at a grass roots level. It is being regularly shared by our imams with their members and non-Ahmadi friends in their respective countries. The imams have commented that in many cases it is well-received and has led people to further study about Islam.

The message of Islam Ahmadiyyat is just beginning to enter the lands of Latin America. It is an exciting time; a time that holds great promise – not because of our humble and miniscule efforts, which are inconsequential compared to what must be achieved, but rather because we are witnessing the fulfilment of the promise of Allah to His Messiah:

میں تیری تبلیغ کو زمین کے کناروں تک پہنچاؤں گا

I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth

The doors and hearts of Latin America are thus being opened to accept the message of the Messiah of the age. That call which arose 1400 years ago in the darkness of the cave of Hira and which was relayed 100 years ago from Bait-ud-Dua in Qadian, has at long last reached these lands. Where Christianity at one time conquered the Latino population by dint of the sword, it is now by the ink of the pen of the Muhammadi Messiah and the spiritual eminence of his Holy Master that the worshippers of the Cross will prostrate before the threshold of Allah Almighty and at long last, parch their spiritual thirst at the well of Tauhid – the Oneness of Allah.

May we be ever mindful of the plan that Allah holds for the world and our duty in respect to it:

“God Almighty desires to draw all those who live in various habitations of the world, be it Europe or Asia, and who have virtuous nature, to the Unity of God and unite His servants under one Faith. This indeed is the purpose of God for which I have been sent to the world. You, too, therefore should pursue this end, but with kindness, moral probity and fervent prayers.” [1]

About the AuthorAzhar Goraya is a graduate from the Ahmadiyya Institute of Languages and Theology in Canada. He is currently serving as an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Mexico. He is also the Central American Coordinator for The Review of Religions en Español.


  1. Al-Wasiyyat, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, pgs. 8-9.