The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) – Worship During Ramadan


Worship and prayers were his daily routine but during Ramadan it would increase manifold. Especially in the last ten days, while in i‘tikaf [a period of seclusion in the mosque for worship] he would pray a great deal. Hazrat A’ishah (ra) relates that when the last ten days of Ramadan commenced, he would gear himself up and stay awake during the nights. He would engage himself in worship and woke up his family members as well. He used to perform i‘tikaf during these days.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) used to sit in the House of God most of the time and remember Allah and worship Him. Hazrat Anas (ra) related that once the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was not feeling well and the companions drew his attention to the effect of illness on his face. He replied that despite the weakness, he recited long surahs [chapters of the Holy Qur’an] in his tahajjud [voluntary night prayers].

The companions, while mentioning the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) worship related that he used to offer such long prayers and such long qiyam [standing position in prayer] that his feet would swell. People requested him not to put himself to such hardship, as God had declared his innocence and piety and had forgiven him. He replied, ‘Should I not be a grateful person and offer prayers for this beneficence of God?’

Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Man (Qadian, India: Nazarat Isha‘at, 2015), 81-82.