Moral Qualities (Sayings of the Holy Prophet)

Moral Qualities (Sayings of the Holy Prophet) A deed is judged by its motive. If something troubles your mind, leave it alone. The best conduct is sincerity of purpose. Good deeds are a shield against an evil death. Let me tell you what calumny is; it is backbiting which sows enmity between people. Rancour and jealousy consume good actions as fire consumes fuel. Kindliness is the root of wisdom. Repentance of a sin means that one should never revert to it. When you are inclined to relate someone’s faults remind yourself of your own. Shall I tell you of something which is even better than prayer, fasting and charity? It is the promotion of good will. The nearest to me are people who are righteous whoever they may be, wherever they may be. Allah has revealed to me that you should comport yourselves with humility towards one another so that no one transgresses against another, nor boasts of any superiority over another. A slip of the tongue is far worse than slipping of the foot. It is part of good behaviour to accompany the departing guest to the door. When you have behaved ill towards someone, hasten to act beneficently towards him.