Women at Jalsa Salana – Interview with Sadr Lajna UK

“After more than a year of the world suffering from a global pandemic, and missing out on experiencing the much anticipated Jalsa UK in its original form last year, emotions are high as Ahmadis look forward to seeing this spiritually charged convention in a more familiar manner in 2021.

Every year, women play a crucial role both in the planning and execution of the Jalsa Salana, as they simultaneously run their own Jalsa site, similar to that of the men. This is no small undertaking, especially seeing as His Holiness, the Caliph (aba) also conducts a session of the Jalsa from the Ladies’ Jalsa Site as well.

The Review of Religions spoke to the National President of the Ahmadiyya Women’s Auxiliary Organisation, to get a better idea of the role women will be playing, both in planning and attending this year’s unique Jalsa.”