Jalsa Salana UK 2021: The Workers Who Feel They Are in ‘Wonderland’

One of the most remarkable features of Jalsa Salana is the fact that the entire Convention is run on the efforts of volunteers. Ahmadis dedicate and devote countless hours, day and night, to put together a small village with various facilities which will be home to the Jalsa for three days.

This of course is a massive undertaking and various challenges can be met along the way. What’s more, the rainy weather can make for some muddy conditions at Hadiqatul Mahdi, something which the volunteers are all too familiar with.

But no matter the conditions or the tasks at hand, the volunteers of Jalsa Salana have a unique spirit and passion with which they work, all due to the prayers of His Holiness, the Caliph (aba). The Review of Religions spoke with some of the volunteers at this year’s Jalsa to find out how preparations are going, and their feelings leading up to the arrival of His Holiness (aba) at the Jalsa.