The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) – Various Aspects of His Gratefulness


Even after a meager meal, spontaneous expressions of gratitude would surge in his heart. He used to say, ‘God is happy and pleased with a person who eats a morsel and thanks God, drinks water and praises Allah for it.’ After finishing the meal, he would pray, ‘All praise belongs to Allah, Who fed us, gave us water to drink and made us His obedient servants.’

God granted him such capacity of being grateful that he would thank God for it. Remembrance of Allah was an inseparable part of his being…At night on going to bed, he would offer gratitude for the favours received during the day in the words, ‘All praise belongs to Allah, who blessed me with His favours and benevolence, He bestowed a great deal upon me. Praise and glorification is due to Him in all situations.’ 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) said, ‘A person who says in the morning, “O Allah! every good thing that I have at this moment is solely from You and there is no partner for You”, has discharged his gratitude for the day and if he says these words at dusk, he discharges his gratitude for the night.’ 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) would offer thanks on wearing new clothes. In summer when it rained after a long interval, his head would bow in gratitude. He would remove his headgear and let the rain fall on his head and say, ‘This is the most recent bounty from God.’ 

When his prayers were accepted or a good task was accomplished, he would not boast about it, instead he would praise Allah and say, ‘All praise belongs to Allah, Whose greatness and majesty accomplishes all good ventures.’ 

Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) went to see his Jewish servant, who was ill. Realising that he was near death, the Holy Prophet (sa) asked him to recite the kalimah [Islamic creed], when he recited it, spontaneous praise of Allah broke out from the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) tongue, ‘All praise belongs to Allah, who saved a soul from the fire.’

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