The Existence of God in the Life of the Fifth Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba)


Syed Adil Ahmad, USA

Human beings crave those precious moments of awe trapped in the sediment of life. For some, seeing the ultra-rich swimming in heaps of wealth ignites a sense of awe. Others are awestruck by the star-status and global renown of celebrities and moguls.

But those who pave the path to spirituality begin to glow with a vastly different hue. Their light is not fabricated by fashion or built by brand ambassadors. It is a pristinely authentic light that shines forth from the flames of divine love. 

This is the magnetic pull that defines the men of God and distinguishes them from the material gloss of the world. In today’s world, the Caliphs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community stand at the forefront of this latter category. Their magnetic effect is not contrived or feigned. Rather, their grab of sainthood and truth pulls people toward them, and their lives begin to demonstrate the existence of God to the world. 

Today, the Fifth and present Caliph and Worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), is that lustrous minaret illuminating the community.

Every corner of the globe continues to testify to the miraculous effect that his prayers and holy attention are having on the lives of people even in remote places. 

The Fifth Caliph and Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba)

An Imam in Malta narrates an incident regarding a good Christian friend. This friend operates a printing press which the Community uses from time to time as well. Due to COVID, they faced some headwinds that impacted their business and profits. So, they asked the Imam to pray for them, that may God bless their business and take them out this predicament.

The Imam responded by saying that it’s his practice to send requests of prayer to the Caliph (aba), and that he would do the same for him as well.

After writing a letter for prayer, the man suddenly began to experience great growth in his business activity, so much so that he ran out of paper to meet this startling fresh demand of his services.

He called the Imam and thanked him, and told him that the previous two months have seen an unprecedented growth in business. He asked that next time, let the prayers be halved, because if not, he will not be able to meet the demand of a full prayer!

The Imam told him that these are not his prayers but the prayers of the Caliph. The man asked that his greetings be sent to the Caliph, his thanks be given, and to give a request that he always remember him in his prayers. 

This incident from a modest archipelago in the Mediterranean shows the reach of the Caliph’s prayers to non-believers as well, representing the all-encompassing mercy of Allah Almighty himself.

From the land of Egypt we find another stunning and astonishing incident.

A person named Tariq writes that he wished to begin to preach the message of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at his workplace. When he did so, his co-workers turned against him and his company suspended his job.

His superiors made him sign a contract saying he would discontinue his attempts to spread his message, or he would face termination from his work. 

He became a bit tense and reserved, taken aback from the swift hand that came down upon him, but the desire and passion to continue in spreading the message returned, and he began to preach again.

This time he went to a friend directly. He described to his friend the beliefs of the Community, the reality of the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), and other matters.

One day the friend came to confide in him about a certain matter. Tariq became afraid that perhaps something dangerous was about to take place.

His friend stated that he saw a dream before Fajr(the prayer offered right before dawn). In this dream, there were three people who had grabbed hold of him, each of them was pulling him in their own direction. He then spoke to the individual in the middle and asked ‘Where should I go with you?

In the dream, the person in the middle responded by saying, ‘This is the path, I call you towards Allah with clear knowledge, I and those who follow me.’ The friend in the dream then asked this individual in the middle, ‘Do you know Tariq?” The man in the middle responded: “Yes, he is my son.’

After listening to his dream, he asked his friend whether he remembers the appearance of the person who said that Tariq is his son. He then asked that if he showed him a picture, would he recognize the one who was calling him towards the middle path?

The friend responded by saying that he certainly remembers the appearance of that man, specifically the fact that he was wearing a white overcoat, and had a white beard..

At this, he showed him the picture of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba).

The friend said:

This is who I saw in my dream last night.’ 

After this, a door for spreading the message was opened, and he was able to explain to him who the Caliph was, who were the people that he was leading, and that he (the narrator) is in fact his spiritual ‘son’.

These examples are not mere anecdotes. They occur time after time, to prove the truth of Islam Ahmadiyya and ultimately God Almighty, Who guides the seekers.

These are their stories, and they are not few. A plethora of similar occurrences exist, of an unseen force pulling seekers towards the right path.

It pushes the seekers towards what they search for: guidance to the Creator through His chosen one, the Caliph.[1]

About the Author: Syed Adil Ahmad is a Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the USA. He also serves as a team member of The Existence Project for The Review of Religions.

[1] Both incidents taken from Khilafat Taskeen-e-Jan, Qist Saum (Khilafat – A Source of Comfort), International Al-Fazl, March 8th, 2022