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People of Jalsa: The Mothers at Jalsa

Taking a stroll around the Jalsa Gah (Convention Site) will surely provide for an intriguing scene. Here, we see two mothers sitting in the shade, with young children playing with toys scattered across their blanket.

Quratul Ain, from London is taking care of 5 children currently, whilst one of the mums is on duty. This is her first Jalsa as a mother, which is quite the challenge she tells us, though she describes this in an upbeat and happy joy. The children have seen Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), Fifth Caliph and Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, on MTA, and today they are ecstatic to see their beloved Caliph live and pray behind him.

Keeping the kids calm is a challenge though!’ She says, as the children are busy in their own world playing with each other. ‘But the duty workers have been so helpful,’ she recalls, with ladies offering to bring lunch to her and her children instead of them having to travel with pushchairs to the dining marquees.

Quratul Ain and her children are the perfect example of the busy Jalsa cheer.

With that familiar experience of leaving home on Jalsa day to travel to Hadeeqatul Mahdi, mothers have the extra tasks of ensuring their children are well fed and come to Jalsa equipped with snacks, toys and activities to keep them entertained throughout the day! ‘It’s a really good experience for the kids.’

Last year, with extensive Covid restrictions, we missed the lively atmosphere created by children and the paraphernalia hauled by mothers on pushchairs.