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Candy, Conversation, and Clarity: The ROR Exhibition at Jalsa Salana UK 2023

Tariq Mahmood

The Jalsa Salana UK is here, and with it, we welcome its’ estimated 50,000 visitors.

Within the sea of tents, there is one that isn’t quite like the others: the Review of Religions Exhibition marquee.

Historically, The Review of Religions has covered various fascinating topics at its exhibitions; from the Shroud of Turin, Jesus in India, the Al Qalam Project, to the rich 120+ year history of the magazine itself, thousands visit each and every year at the Jalsa Salana.

This year, the topic of The Review of Religions’ exhibition is:

The Existence Project: The Experience.

It’s a layout like nothing before seen at an RoR exhibition. To start, attendees will be treated to some candy, but not just as a treat; it’s all part of The Great Blind Taste Test, a simple experiment which is set to answer one of the single grandest questions of our existence:

Why can’t we see God?

But between the insightful and enlightening addresses of the Fifth Caliph and Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), attendees are invited to the ROR Auditorium, wherein conversations that answer the very nature of our place in this universe are discussed.

These conversations will lead back to 7th century Arabia, where the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) made prophecies, shockingly fulfilled within the past 100 years alone. 

Guests then move forward to the ingenious and profound discourse of the Promised Messiah (as), and how he convinces us of God as we learn to ground ourselves amid the glamour of the modern day.

Finally, the present onslaughts of the New Atheists, who have more to do with vilifying religion than disbelieving in God, will be the discussion of the hour. This will encompass the answers Islam provides to the questions you have.

This conversation, ever so necessary in the modern day, will be featured both for the men, and the ladies attending the Jalsa Salana! 

Visiting hours are clearly marked for women to attend the exhibition and listen to their sisters amaze them with the enlightenment Islam has afforded Muslim women today, just as it had 1400 years ago.

In hopes that The Review of Religions sees you there, we wish to extend our warmest invitation to this year’s ROR Exhibition at Jalsa Salana UK.

Come for the candy, sit down for conversations about God, and it is our hope and effort that you shall leave with clarity.

See you there.