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People of Jalsa – ‘Time Travelling Postcards’

RoR Women’s Team

The best way to learn about our intricate past, is to revisit the road we took to arrive where we are today. The seas and oceans navigated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Auxiliary Organisation, Lajna Ima’illah have been filled with celebrations, triumphs, sacrifice and service. A lot of us need only to turn to our previous generations, grandmothers and great aunts to learn how it was for them in that age.

On entering part of the ladies’ marquee, we saw a Lajna staff member from the press and media team handing out colourful postcards which peaked our curiosity. When we received ours, we were delighted to read the contents! Enquiring about the idea behind these, we got more information from Yusra Dahri who shared more details with us. These creative pieces were made by her and Syeda Yumna Khulood.

‘The idea behind these postcards from the past is that it’s a personal way for Lajna to learn about their history especially in the modern day. There are 19 different postcards… they’re semi-fictional… based on real events that happened in lajna’s history. So we put ourselves in the shoes of those lajna and imagine what it would have been like writing at that time, and also as a way to connect with the guests…as each post card starts with, “Dear sisters, Assalaamo Alaikum (peace be upon you), how was Jalsa?”‘

One of our favourites included a postcard from 1923 from Qadian, India, where the fictional Lajna writer speaks of watching Hazrat Amman Jaan (ra), the wife of the Promised Messiah (as), laying the foundation stone for a female ward in Noor Hospital. We can envision the happiness of that day, and the pride filling those who were able to attend.

Lajna are enjoying these mini portals to the past! Coincidentally, a Lajna member who travelled down to Oakland Farm from Washington DC received her postcard- from a fictional Lajna member from Washington DC in 1981! Forming a beautiful connection to someone who was once where she was. Alhamdolillah (all praise belongs to Allah) we have inherited a blessed past and look towards a long and triumphant future.