The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) – Prayers for Recovery from Illness

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On various occasions the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) prayed for the miraculous recovery of people who were ill. God bestowed immediate results by accepting his prayers. In the battle of Khaibar, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) declared that to whomsoever he would grant the flag to the next day, God would confer victory on that person. The companions spent that night hoping to be the lucky person who would receive the flag. Hazrat Ali (ra) suffered from conjunctivitis. His eyes suffered so much pain that the companions did not even think that he could be the conqueror of this grand victory. The next morning the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) called him. The companions tried to put forward excuses due to his ailment. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) applied his own saliva to Hazrat Ali’s (ra) eyes and prayed. God granted an immediate miraculous recovery. It was such a perfect recovery that it appeared as if he had never suffered from any illness of the eyes.

On another occasion, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) prayed for Hazrat Ali’s (ra) safety from the effects of the heat and cold. As a result of this prayer, Hazrat Ali (ra) stayed safe from the adverse effects of the extreme weather.

…Hazrat Yazid bin Abdullah (ra) relates that he saw a wound on Salamah’s (ra) shin and asked him about it. He replied that he had received that injury at the Battle of Khaibar. The wound was so big that everyone knew Salamah (ra) had been injured. He was taken to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) who prayed for him and blew three times on him. The wound healed immediately and it looked as if it was never there. Only the scar remained, and he never had any pain from it.

Hazrat Amr bin Akhtab (ra) relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) stroked his face and prayed to God for his health and good looks. God accepted his prayer in such a way that Amr was granted a long healthy life and children. His health was so good; at the age of one hundred and twenty years, he only had a few grey hairs visible on his head.

Hazrat Anas bin Malik (ra) relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) uncle Abu Talib fell ill. The Holy Prophet (sa) went to enquire after his health. The uncle requested him to pray in the name of the One Who had ordained him. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) instantly prayed for his recovery. This prayer was accepted immediately in a miraculous manner. Abu Talib stood up straight away as if all the shackles had been removed. He said: ‘O Muhammad surely your Lord has ordained you and He listens to you.’ The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) replied, ‘O Uncle if you act upon His commandments, He would surely listen to you and accept your prayers.’

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