Press Release

36 PRESS RELEASE (Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry) REPORT FROM NAWABSHAH, SIND, PAKISTAN: ASSASINATION ATTEMPTS ON AHMADI MUSLIMS CONTINUE IN PAKISTAN: 1. Three persons entered the clinic of an Ahmadi dentist Mr. Naseer Ahmad at PADIDAN, NAWABSHAH, SIND at about 11 A.M. ON 18th January 1988 and asked for treatment. As the Ahmadi doctor started the examination of one, the other attacked him with daggers, causing seven wounds on his body. While the doctor collapsed to the ground bleeding profusely, the assailants escaped shouting, “We have killed a swine.” 2. Four masked men of the same gang attacked another Ahmadi, Mr. Abdul Aziz, owner of a medical store at ‘Qazi Ahmed’, Nawabshah at about 7.30 p.m. on the 18th February 1988. He was stabbed seventeen times with daggers. Six of his wounds were in his abdomen. Mr. Abdul Aziz was rushed to the local hospital. Later on police arrested two of the assailants, while the third was killed accidentally by his own accomplices during the attack. The fourth assailant is still at large. Ahmadiyya Muslim Association U.K. condemns such attackes on their members in Pakistan and puts the blame solely on the Government of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has been engaged in vicious propaganda against this peaceful community in Pakistan since 1984. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association demands that the Anti Ahmadiyya Ordinance of 1984 be repealed immediately.