42 BOOK REVIEW CRITICISM OF HADITH AMONG MUSLIMS WITH REFERENCE TO SUNAN IBN MAJA Author: Suhaib Hasan Abdul Ghaffar Publisher: Ta Ha Publishers & Al Quran Society, London. Pages: 254 Paperback Price: not Stated The origin and development of Hadith, and traditions attributed to the Holy Prophet of Islam has been a subject of keen interest since its content has a very deep and marked effect upon the development of Islamic thought and philosophy and also every other aspect of Islamic life. Criticism of Hadith among Muslims with reference to Sunan Ibn Maja by Suhaib Hasan Abdul Ghaffar is yet another addition to an already large collection of comprehensive and critical study of the Hadith Literature by Muslim as well as non Muslim scholars. This particular study of the Hadith literature is^ divided into two sections. The first part deals with the origin of Hadith and the sources of fabrication. The author also summarizes the reasons for this fabrication in Hadith literature and proceeds to identify political differences and personal motivation, difference of opinion and personal prejudice, influence of converts who joined Islam without thorough conviction and that of ascetics and fascination for story telling as the main reasons for the fabrication of Hadith literature. The first section of the book also deals with the criticism of Hadith and its reporters and the methods of verifications adopted by the traditionalists to acertain the authenticity of any particular Hadith. These topics are discussed in several stages, beginning with the period of the Holy Prophet of Islam and followed by a period of his successors and companions and then the succeeding generations up to the middle of the second century. The second part of the book is mainly devoted to a detailed study of 10 allegedly spurious Traditions from the works of Muhammad bin Yazid Abu Abd Allah Ibn Maja Qazwini, the author of the reputed work of Hadith more popularly known as the Sunan of Ibn Majah. BOOK REVIEW 43 Whatever the merits of the author’s opinions in relation to all the questions discussed by him, one needs to admit that the book on the whole gives a deep insight to the origin of the Hadith literature, its reporting by successive generations; methods of verification adopted by scholars through generations and the element of fabrication of the Holy Prophet’s Tradition. Published jointly by the Al Quran Society and Ta Ha Publishers of London, the book can be a valuable addition to one’s personal reference library. **************************************** (Publishers and authors who wish to have a review of their publications included in the Review of Religions are invited to send two copies of publications to: Mr. Naeem Osman Memon, Editor Book Review, The Review of Religions, The London Mosque, 16 Gressenhall Road, London. SW 18 SQL. U. K.) INFORMATION NEEDED Information is requested about the late Chief Petty Officer Mahboob Ali (ONO 2940) of the Royal Pakistan Navy who was killed in or near Batala, East Punjab, India, on Friday, 3rd October 1947, while escorting a convoy of refugees from Qadian to Lahore during partition evacuations. Mr. Bashir Ali (ACIS), the younger brother of the hero is proposing to write his biography and wishes to obtain an eye witness’s account of his tragic but immortal death while on duty. The attention of Lt. A. Hamid RPNVR Commander, Lt S. S. Hassan, RPNVE. is particularly drawn to this matter if they happen to see this announcement. Anyone who is able to provide any information on this matter may please write to: Bashir Ali (ACIS), 22 Hurley Road, Greenford, Middlesex. UB6 9EZ. U.K.