46 MY FRIEND (Bashir Ahmad Orchard) Sometimes my heart bleeds for you! Believe it. or not, it is true. Have you known me to speak a lie? You will not till the day I die. What is the cause of my· concern? Because some things you will not learn. I want to be your help and guide So that downhill you may not slide. Please, I ask, watch the way you go. God has shown the way, as you know. Why go astray and pay no heed As if for it you have no need? Life is not to do as you please, Neglecting to pray on your knees. I know not always where you go; What you do, I do not know. If you would God’s path try to tread No longer have I need to dread That may be you have gone astray Caring not for God’s holy way. You are my friend, thats why I pray Five times for you every day That God may guide you the right way, And bless you always every day.