Freedom of Speech

True Love for the Holy Prophet(sa)

On the 11th of September 2012, 3000 Egyptian Muslims stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo. After scaling the walls and removing the American flag, the protesters were eventually dispersed by riot police. In a similar incident on the same night in Libya, the ‘protest’ ended with the deaths of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador. These murders were only the beginning.  Riots erupted across the Muslim world. Dozens were killed, hundreds injured, properties destroyed. The chaos had been provoked by the release of Innocence of Muslims, a film filled with grotesque abuse of the Prophet of Islamsa. The film had then been posted on YouTube on the 1st of July 2012, but went unnoticed until September when an Egyptian TV channel broadcast parts of its’ trailer. Extremist Muslim clerics responded by inciting hatred and issuing death threats. From east to west, media outlets ensured the subsequent riots received maximum public exposure. Meanwhile, the response – or lack of it – from Muslim politicians, diplomats and influential figures appeared apathetic, even as the name of Islam’s truly innocent Prophetsa was attacked. After ten days of escalating riots a tense atmosphere had developed. Finally, journalists from around the world gathered at Western Europe’s largest mosque. Crowding onto the steps of an upper gallery, they looked down to see thousands of worshipers silently seated on the floor of the prayer hall below. At the front of the congregation, the Khalifah of Islam stood to deliver his sermon.


FridaySermon delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba,Khalifatul Masih V, Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, on 21st September 2012 from the Baitul Futuh Mosque, London.

Translated from the Urdu by Amer Safir and Murtaza Ahmad.

AfterrecitingTashahhud, Ta’awwuz and Surah al-Faatihah, His Holiness read out verses 57-58 of Surah al-Ahzaab (chapter 33 of the Holy Qur’an):

His Holiness then said:

“The translation of these verses of the Holy Qur’an is:

Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! You also should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace. Verily, those who annoy Allah and His messenger – Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them an abasing punishment.”

Nowadays, an intense wave of indignation and anguish is sweeping through the Muslim world and also amongst Muslims living in other countries, due to an extremely crude, offensive and grotesque act perpetrated by anti-Islamic elements. The Muslims are certainly justified in their expression of sorrow and rage. Whether or not a Muslim has proper insight of the true station of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa, he or she is nonetheless prepared to give up his or her life and be slain for the respect and honour of the Prophetsa. Opponents of Islam have produced a most obnoxious and offensive film regarding the Holy Prophetsa, in which they have portrayed him in the most crude and insulting manner. As such, the indignation and anger of every Muslim is only natural.

The Holy Prophet Muhammadsa was the Muhsin-e-Insaaniyyat (Benefactor of Mankind), the Rahmatul-Lil-Aalameen (Mercy for all Mankind) and the Beloved of God who would stay awake all night in deep anguish that humanity be saved from ruin. He would express such agony and sorrow to alleviate the pains of mankind that the God of the Heavens, addressing the Holy Prophetsa, stated that would he grieve himself to death in sorrow for those who did not believe in the Creator?

The vile anti-Islamic film released on YouTube deeply wounded the sentiments of Muslims worldwide.
The vile anti-Islamic film released on YouTube deeply wounded the sentiments of Muslims worldwide.

The slanderous and vulgar film against the Benefactor of Mankind would most certainly cause the hearts of Muslims to bleed, and indeed this is what happened. More than anyone else, Ahmadi Muslims are hurt, for we are the followers of the True and Ardent Devotee of the Holy Prophetsa [that is the Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas] who provided us with true understanding of the exalted station of the Master Prophet Muhammadsa. Thus, we are torn at this gross act. Our hearts have been ripped apart. We prostrate before God the Exalted and pray that may He take revenge from these wrongdoers. May they become a sign of admonishment that will remain a lesson until the end of time. The Imam of this age has provided us with discernment of true affection and devotion towards the Holy Prophetsa, explaining that we can reconcile with the serpents and wild beasts, but we cannot, however, ever reconcile with those who stubbornly persist in insulting the Prophet Muhammadsa, our Master and Guide, the Seal of all the Prophets. The Promised Messiahas wrote:

“Muslims are those people who give their lives for the honour of their noble Prophetsa. Death is their preference to the dishonour of genuinely reconciling with such people and becoming their friends, whose task is to day and night verbally abuse their Holy Prophetsa and cite his name extremely insultingly in their magazines, books and advertisements and mention him in utterly degrading words.”

The Promised Messiahas says:

“Remember, such individuals are not the well-wishers of their own nation as they create impediments in their path. I say most truthfully that it is possible for us to reconcile with wild snakes and wilderness beasts but we cannot reconcile with such people who do not desist from insulting the honour of God’s holy prophets. They believe that there is triumph in abusive language and vulgarity but each triumph comes from the Heavens”.

He says further:

“Through the blessing of their pure discourse, those with pure speech ultimately win hearts and minds, whereas those of wicked nature have no skill other than creating discord and conflict in the land in a disorderly way…experience also bears witness that such offensive people meet a sorry end. The sense of honour of God ultimately comes to pass for His beloved ones.”[1]

In the current era, in addition to newspapers and pamphlets etcetera, other forms of media are also being used for such vulgarity. Hence those who stubbornly persist in their transgression and in trying to contend with God will be seized by His wrath, God willing.

In 2006, when some malicious people in Denmark drew vulgar caricatures of the Holy Prophetsa, I drew the Ahmadiyya community’s attention to giving an appropriate response. I also told them that such wicked people existed before and they would not stop there. The protests by the Muslims would have no impact and they would continue acting in this manner. Thus we observe that their actions have become more vulgar and unjust than before. Since then, their behaviour in this regard has continuously worsened. This is their downfall and defeat by Islam, which is compelling them to being offensive and slanderous in the name of freedom of conscience. As the Promised Messiahas stated that remember, these people are not the well-wishers of even their own nations. One day their wrong approach will clearly unfold upon them. The vulgarities and obscenities they perpetrate today will in fact harm their own nations, for such people are selfish and unjust. Apart from merely fulfilling their own desires, they are not interested in anything else.

Illustration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Madinah.© Masood Tahir (Waqfe Nau), London, UK.
Illustration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Madinah.
© Masood Tahir (Waqfe Nau), London, UK.

Currently, in the name of freedom of speech, both politicians and others, openly in some places and mostly indirectly, are speaking in their favour. Occasionally some are speaking up for the Muslims as well. However remember that this world has now become a global village. As such, these matters can destroy the peace of these countries if wickedness is not openly declared as wickedness, and this is separate to God’s wrath that will come to pass. Remember the saying of the Imam of the age; that all victories come from the heavens and it has been decreed in the heavens that the Messenger whom you are trying to insult will prevail over the world. As the Promised Messiahas stated, he will prevail by winning over the hearts, because pure discourses have an impact. Pure discourses do not require extremist measures to be taken nor do they require that vulgarity should be responded to with vulgarity. The despicable behaviour and use of foul language has been instigated by these people and will, God willing, quickly come to an end. God will also deal with these perpetrators in the Hereafter.

In the verses that I recited from the Holy Qur’an, God the Almighty has also drawn the attention of the believers towards their responsibilities; that it is their duty to invoke Durood and Salaam (salutations and peace) upon the Holy Prophetsa. Vulgarities, maliciousness and mockery do not in the least affect the honour and dignity of the Prophetsa in any way, shape or form. He is such a great Prophetsa upon whom even God and His angels send Durood. It is thus the duty of believers to constantly engage in Durood (invoking blessings and salutations) upon the Holy Prophetsa. When the enemy exceeds in vulgar acts, then they should invoke Durood upon the Holy Prophetsa more than before.

“Bless O Allah, Muhammad and the people of Muhammad, as You did bless Abraham and the people of Abraham; You are indeed the Praiseworthy, the Glorious! Prosper, O Allah, Muhammad and the people of Muhammad, as You did prosper Abraham, and the people of Abraham; You are indeed the Praiseworthy, the Glorious!”

Thus this alone is the Durood (invocation of salutations and blessings) and this alone is the Prophetsa for whom triumph in the world is destined. While an Ahmadi Muslim expresses abhorrence, deep grief and anger at these vulgar acts, he or she also tries to draw the attention of the wrongdoers themselves to desisting from these acts and those in authority towards stopping them. From a worldly perspective, an Ahmadi tries to make a personal effort to inform the world of the reality as opposed to this conspiracy, and presents the beautiful aspects of the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsa. An Ahmadi tries to demonstrate the blessed example of the Holy Prophetsa through his or her every act, and thus illustrate to the world its true image in practice. Indeed men, women, young, old and children, more than ever, should give greater attention towards Durood and Salaam (invoking salutations and peace upon the Holy Prophetsa) and must fill their surrounding atmosphere with it. Everyone should make their actions a practical model of Islamic teachings. This is the beautiful response we should give.

As far as the consequences of the wrongdoers is concerned, Allah has explained in the second verse [recited at the outset], that those who hurt the Messenger or who wound the hearts of the believers of this age by slandering the Messenger, will be dealt with by Allah Himself. These are the people who have been cursed by Allah the Exalted in this life, and due to this curse they will continue sinking further in filth and indecency. For such people Allah has decreed a humiliating chastisement after death. The Promised Messiahas has explained this subject pertaining to the end of those people who use vulgar language, that they will certainly reach their sorry end. In this life they will reach their fate in the form of God’s curse, and in the hereafter it shall be in the shape of the abasing punishment of Allah. Other Muslims also, in accordance with the commands and teachings of Allah the Exalted, should react by filling their countries, their regions and their atmosphere with Durood (salutations and blessings) upon the Prophet Muhammadsa. This is how Muslims should react. It is futile to react by burning or setting fire to properties and possessions in their own countries or by killing their fellow countrymen or that the police are compelled to fire at their own citizens as protestors are killed.

Man-made laws are prone to flaws as certain aspects can be overlooked whilst legislating.
Man-made laws are prone to flaws as certain aspects can be overlooked whilst legislating.

Through media and newspaper reports it has emerged that often the sincere people of the West, both in the USA and here, have expressed disgust and displeasure upon this crude act. However, on the one hand the leadership declares this to be wrong, but on the other hand, it backs it in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. These double standards cannot continue. The law regarding freedom of speech is not a Divine scripture. Thus, as I also said in my address to politicians in the US, man-made laws are prone to errors and flaws. Certain aspects whilst legislating can be overlooked because man does not possess knowledge of the unseen, whereas God the Almighty is the Knower of the Unseen. Laws made by God are flawless. Do not consider, therefore, your man-made laws to be perfect and that there can be no alterations and changes made to them. While a law for freedom of speech exists, neither in any country nor in the UN Charter do we find a law that states that no person will be allowed the freedom to hurt the religious sentiments of others or insult the holy personages of other religions. This is not written in the law anywhere and it is because of this that the peace of the world is being destroyed. This causes the lava of hatred to erupt and the gulf between countries and religions to increasingly widen. While a law for freedom of speech has been made giving an individual freedom, which is fine, there should not be a law permitting playing with others sentiments. This is exactly why the UN is failing. It considers the formation of this futile law a huge accomplishment.

However, look at God’s law. The law of God the Exalted states that do not even mock the idols of other people lest they in retaliation do the same to your All-Powerful God in ignorance by using disparaging words, which would make your hearts grieve, increase enmity, and lead to clashes, quarrels and disorder to break out in the country. Therefore, this is the beautiful teaching imparted by the God of Islam, the God of this world and the God of this universe. That God has given us this teaching Who sent His Beloved One, the Holy Prophetsa, with the perfect law and teaching for the reformation of mankind and to establish love and compassion. He conferred upon him the title of Rahmatul-Lil-Aalameen (Mercy for all Mankind) and thus sent the Prophet Muhammadsa as the Mercy for all peoples. Hence the educated people of the world, the politicians and those in power should ponder, that by not firmly dealing with these few despicable people are they too a party to this disorder? The people of the world at large also should think; that by playing with the religious sentiments of others and by agreeing with these few revolting creatures, are they also playing a part in destroying world peace?

The UN charter does not contain a law to prevent hurting the sentiments of others.
The UN charter does not contain a law to prevent hurting the sentiments of others.

We, who are Ahmadi Muslims, do not leave any stone unturned to serve humanity. In the US, there was a need to give blood and so last year Ahmadis helped to collect 12,000 bottles of blood and they are currently carrying out a similar blood drive this year. I said to them that we Ahmadi Muslims are donating our blood to give life, whilst you make our hearts bleed through such despicable acts and by agreeing with those who committed them. Thus, this is the response of an Ahmadi— a true Muslim. On the other side this is the response of a certain segment who think that they are establishing justice. They allege that Muslims are acting wrongly. It is correct that some of the Muslim reaction is wrong; damage and destruction, setting things on fire, killing of the innocent, leaving diplomats unprotected or killing or murdering diplomats are all entirely incorrect. However, derision and insult of the innocent prophets of God is also a huge sin. Following suit, recently a French magazine has published offensive caricatures which are even worse than the previous ones. These worldly people consider the world to be everything not realising that this world alone is the source of their destruction.

Here I would like to state that the Muslim governments rule over much of the world. Allah the Almighty has given natural resources to many Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also a part of the United Nations. They read and believe in the Holy Qur’an, which provides the perfect and complete code of conduct for every aspect of life. Why then have the Muslim governments not made an effort to impart to the world the beautiful teachings of the Holy Qur’an at every level? Why do they not present to the world that according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, playing with the religious sentiments of others or to try to dishonour the prophets of God is a major crime and major sin? Why do they not act in this manner? It is necessary for world peace that this is made a part of the UN peace charter so that no member country would allow any of its citizens to play with the religious sentiments of others and so that world peace is not allowed to be destroyed in the name of freedom of speech. Sadly however, all of this has been happening for so long. The Muslim countries have never made a combined and concerted effort to inform the world about the honour of the Holy Prophetsa and all the other prophets and they have never had this acknowledged at an international level. Although like other charters of the United Nations, this will similarly not be implemented, as which peace charter of the UN is being properly implemented at present? At the very least however, something would go on record.


The OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) is established but it has never made rigorous efforts to try and establish the honour and dignity of Muslims in the world. Instead the Muslim leaders are busy pursuing their vested interests. They are not concerned about the splendour of the faith. If our Muslim leaders had made robust efforts then the public would not react inappropriately, as is currently occurring in Pakistan and in other countries, for they would be satisfied in the knowledge that their leaders, who have been appointed for this task, would strive to fulfil the right that for upholding the honour of the Holy Prophetsa and to uphold the honour of all the prophets, they would rise up on the world forum in a way that the world would have to accept that they are right.

There are a large number of Muslims living in the West and in every part of the world. Muslims are the second greatest power of the world in terms of population and religion. Were they to abide by the commandments of Allah the Almighty they could become the greatest force in every sense. In such an instance, the anti-Islamic forces would never even dare contemplating or perpetrating such heart-rending acts. Apart from the Muslim countries, a large number of Muslims live in every country of the world. In Europe, the number of Turks alone runs into millions. In fact, there are millions of them, living in every European country.

Similarly, other Muslim ethnic groups have come from Asia to the UK, to the US, to Canada and to every part of Europe. If they all decided that they would vote for those politicians who not only expressed religious tolerance verbally, but also demonstrated it practically, and who condemned people who perpetrated such vulgarities and made such films, then even from among these worldly governments a segment would rise up to denounce this indecency. Thus, if Muslims understood their importance they could bring about a revolution in the world. They could facilitate laws pertaining to respecting religious sentiments within countries. However it is unfortunate that they are unmindful of this. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is focused on this, yet Muslims are busy opposing it, and are instead strengthening the hand of the detractors. May Allah the Almighty grant sense and wisdom to Muslim leaders, politicians and religious scholars so that they may strengthen themselves, recognise their importance and give heed to Islamic teachings.


The moral degradation of those who raised obscene allegations against the Holy Prophetsa and produced or worked for this film can be assessed from media reports regarding them. The main person behind the film is said to be a Coptic Christian living in the US by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula—or is referred to “Sam Bacile” or something or the other—who is reported to have a criminal background and served time in jail in 2010 for fraud. The person who directed the film is a director of pornographic films and all the actors who featured in the film are actors of pornographic films. The excesses of pornography are beyond envisagement. So this is the level of their morality. This is how low they have stooped in filth and indecency, yet they purport to criticise that person whose high morals and purity even God testified to. By committing this obscene act they surely continue to invite the wrath of God. The sponsors and supporters of this film also cannot avoid God’s Punishment, amongst whom is also a Christian priest who time and again for cheap publicity in the US has attempted to burn the Holy Qur’an.

“Our Lord, shatter them into pieces, a complete breaking up and reduce them to dust.”

Some sections of the media have condemned this film and have also condemned the reaction of the Muslims. Inappropriate reactions should indeed be condemned, but it should also be noted who instigated this. As I said earlier, it is the misfortune of Muslims that this has happened because Muslims have no unity and no leadership. Despite claiming to have ardent love and affection for the Holy Prophetsa, they are distant from their faith. They may claim to be strong in faith, but they have no knowledge of religion and are also continuously weakening in a worldly sense.

No Muslim country has strongly protested to any other country in this regard. Where protests have been made they have been so weak that the media took no notice. The news item which has been given regarding the protests and objections of the Muslims was that 1.8 billion Muslims were reacting in a childish manner. As there is no one at the helm and they are scattered and walking lost, the reaction would then be childish. This was a cynical comment, but it also exposed the reality. May God enable the Muslims to at least now show some embarrassment and shame. The other people are spiritually blind and know nothing about the status of the prophets. They remain silent even when the rank of Prophet Hadhrat Isaas (Jesus) is slighted. They would consider therefore, the passion of the Muslims towards the Holy Prophetsa as childish.

As I stated earlier, in 2006 I also drew attention towards forming a robust plan of action so that in future no one would even dare to insult in this way, but if only Muslims paid heed to this. Every single Ahmadi should also make efforts to convey this message. By [Muslims] merely protesting for a short while and then keeping silent the problem will not be resolved. One suggestion was presented (often people present various suggestions) that all of the Muslim lawyers of the world should join together and form a petition. If only Muslim lawyers with international standing deliberated upon the feasibility of this, or would come up with another option.

Protestors attempt to scale the gate of the US embassy in Yemen.
Protestors attempt to scale the gate of the US embassy in Yemen.

For how long will you continue observing such vulgar and obscene acts? For how long will you go on protesting and causing damage and destruction, only to fall silent thereafter? This will have no effect upon the Western world or on the producers of the film. It is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam to attack innocent people in Western countries, to threaten them or to attempt to kill them and attack their embassies. Islam does not permit this is in any way, shape or form. By acting in this way you will be giving an opportunity for objections to be raised against the Holy Prophetsa. Thus, extremism is not the answer. The answer is, as I have explained before; to reform one’s practice, to invoke Durood and Salaam (salutations and peace) upon the Holy Prophetsa, who is the means of salvation for mankind. It is by the Muslims uniting together and it is by Muslims living in the West gaining strength by their vote. Members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at must work in this manner wherever they are. They should also strive to convince their non-Ahmadi acquaintances to tread on this path; that they should build their strength in such countries through the power of voting. Present the beautiful aspects of the blessed life of the Holy Prophetsa to the world.

Today the world clamours over freedom of speech. They allege that it is non-existent in Islam citing examples of the present day Muslim countries where citizens do not have freedom of speech. If this is the case in Muslim countries it has no link whatsoever with Islam and it is their misfortune that they are not implementing the Islamic teachings. In history there are examples of people addressing the Holy Prophetsa very rudely and without any etiquette or respect whatsoever. Despite this the Holy Prophetsa displayed such forbearance and tolerance, the like of which is not found anywhere in the world. I shall present a few examples of such accounts, which although are normally presented relating to the munificence and generosity of the Holy Prophetsa, also demonstrate his fearlessness, resolve and forbearance.

Hadhrat Jubair bin Mut’amra has related that once he was with the Holy Prophetsa and some other people were also with him. The Prophetsa was returning from Hunain. The Bedouins surrounded the Prophetsa making such persistent demands to him that he was forced to move towards a thorny tree, where his cloak became stuck in its thorns. The Holy Prophetsa stopped and said, “Return my cloak. If I had as many camels as the wild trees I would have given them to you and thus you would not have found me niggardly, false or a coward.”[2]

In another tradition, Hadhrat Anasra relates:

“Once I was in the company of the Holy Prophetsa who was wearing a cloak with thick edges. A Bedouin pulled his cloak so hard that the edges left a mark on his neck. He then said, ‘O Muhammad[sa]! From amongst the wealth that Allah the Almighty has given you, load some of it upon these two camels of mine, because neither will you give out of your wealth nor from the wealth of your father.’ Initially the Holy Prophetsa kept quiet. He then stated that, ‘Wealth is God’s and I am God’s servant.’ Then the Prophetsa said, “Revenge will be extracted for the pain you have caused me.” That Bedouin said, “No”. The Prophetsa said, “Why will revenge not be taken?” The Bedouin replied, “Because you do not respond to badness with badness.” The Holy Prophetsa laughed. He then instructed for barley to be loaded on one of the Bedouin’s camels, and dates on the other.”[3]

This, therefore, is that highest station of tolerance and patience of Holy Prophetsa. He did not display this only to his followers, but even to his enemies. His high moral standards encompass munificence, compassion, patience, forbearance and also a demonstration of vast tolerance. Yet the ignorant detractors, without thought or consideration, come forth and allege that the Rahmatul-Lil-Aalameen (Mercy for all Mankind), the Prophet Muhammadsa, was severe, was harsh and so on.

Objections have also been raised against the Holy Qur’an in the film. I have not seen the film myself, but have heard from people regarding it. It alleges that the Qur’an was written by the cousin of Hadhrat Khadijahra, Waraqah bin Naufal, who Hadhrat Khadijahra took the Prophetsa to after he received his first revelation. During the life of the Prophetsa, the Kuffaar (disbelievers) would constantly raise the allegation as to why the Qur’an was being revealed to him part by part, rather than all at once. Such pitiable people are completely devoid of knowledge and true historical facts. Those Christians who consider themselves knowledgeable in this area are actually completely ignorant. Waraqah bin Naufal actually said, “I wish to be alive when your people will turn you out of your nation.” Indeed, a short while after this he passed away.[4] Such Christian priests, as I stated, are completely uninformed of true historical facts. Orientalists have always engaged in the debate regarding the location of where Surahs (chapters of the Qur’an) were revealed, whether in Makkah or Madinah. Yet they also believe that Waraqah wrote the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an has given the challenge itself thatif they believe that it was written by someone else, then produce a chapter like it.

With respect to taking care of the sentiments of others, the Holy Prophetsa was peerless also. Even though the Prophet Muhammadsa is greater than all other prophets, yet in consideration of the sentiments of a Jew he once said, “Do not give me superiority over Mosesas.”[5]

There is the Prophet’s care for the sentiments of the poor and respect for their status. Once, for example, a very wealthy Companion expressed his superiority over others. The Holy Prophetsa heard this and stated:

“Do you believe your strength, your power, your wealth and your possessions were all acquired through your own efforts? Absolutely not! Your tribal strength as well as the power of your wealth were all acquired due to the poor.”[6]

Today the claimants of freedom establish the rights of the poor and endeavour to safeguard them. Yet 1400 years ago the Holy Prophetsa established these rights when he said that the labourer should be paid his wages before his perspiration dries off.[7] Thus, where can they possibly contend with the Benefactor of Mankind? There are countless accounts of the Prophetsa. Take any aspect of his life and in every respect you will find the highest moral example established by the Holy Prophetsa.

Another allegation raised is that the Holy Prophetsa was a womaniser, and objections are raised against his marriages. Allah the Almighty knew, however, that such allegations and questions would be raised in the future and so facilitated such incidents which provide the rebuttal to these allegations. It is said regarding Asmaa bint Nu’maan bin Abi Joan that she was amongst the most beautiful women of the Arabs. When she came to Madinah her beauty was praised by every woman who saw her. They would say that they had never seen such a beautiful woman in their lives. On the wish of her father her Nikah (Islamic official marriage pronouncement) was solemnised with the Prophetsa for a dowry of 500 Dirhams. When the Holy Prophetsa went to her she said, “I seek God’s refuge from you.” The Holy Prophetsa replied, “You have sought the refuge of a Great Sanctuary” and then left. He then said to one of his Companions, Abu Usaid, to take her back to her family. It has been recorded in history that her family were extremely happy that their daughter was being married to the Holy Prophetsa. When she returned however, they were extremely upset.[8] Thus, this was that great person about whom dreadful allegations are made, that he was a womaniser; whilst he married according to God’s command.

The Promised Messiahas has explained that:

“If the Holy Prophetsa had not wives and children, and had not faced the relating trials and tribulations which he expressed and passed through, and had not treated his wives most kindly, then how else would we learn about his exemplary model in this regard? Every act of the Prophet was for the sake of the pleasure of God.”[9]

Jakobshavn Glacier in the Ilulissat Icefjord.Various inhabitations of the world are at a threat of being submerged by water due to global warming. According to NASA scientists, Jakobshavn is the single largest contributor to sea level rise in the Northern Hemisphere (Photo:Lawrence Hislop).
Jakobshavn Glacier in the Ilulissat Icefjord.Various inhabitations of the world are at a threat of being submerged by water due to global warming. According to NASA scientists, Jakobshavn is the single largest contributor to sea level rise in the Northern Hemisphere (Photo:Lawrence Hislop).

An erroneous allegation regarding Hadhrat Aa’ishahra being treated more fondly and also regarding her age is also raised. The Holy Prophetsa would say to Hadhrat Aa’ishahra on certain nights that, “I wish to worship my God all night, Who is the most beloved to me.”[10] Hence people with perverted minds will indeed raise such allegations; as they have done in the past and they may perhaps continue to do so in the future. As I have stated earlier, Allah the Almighty has already decreed that He will fill Hell with such people. They and their supporters should be fearful of the chastisement of God. As the Promised Messiahas has stated, “Allah the Almighty has great honour for His beloved ones.”[11] In this age He has sent His Messiah and Mahdi and He has drawn the attention of the world towards reformation. If they do not desist from their wrongdoing and mockery then the wrath of God is also severe.

Flooding and damage caused from the recent Hurricane Sandy that struck the US.
Flooding and damage caused from the recent Hurricane Sandy that struck the US.

Today, natural disasters are prevalent and there is destruction all around. Storms and hurricanes are occurring in the US at a greater frequency than before. The economic crisis is worsening. Various inhabitations of the world are at a threat of being submerged by water due to global warming. The world is thus engulfed in perils and dangers. These excesses should draw the attention of such people towards God, rather than towards obscenities. Unfortunately, the opposite is occurring. They are trying to transgress beyond all limits. The Imam of this time has already warned everyone openly. He has said clearly that if the world does not take heed and listen, then every step they take will lead them towards destruction. The message of the Promised Messiahas is a message that should be repeated again and again. This is oft repeated and presented and I will present it here again today.

He said:

“Remember that God has informed me about the coming of earthquakes. So remember surely that in accordance with the prophecy, earthquakes came in America and also in Europe. They will also occur in different parts of Asia. Some of them will be as terrifying as doomsday. There will be death on such a large scale that rivers will run with blood. Even birds and animals will not escape it. Such destruction will overtake the Earth as has not happened since man was born. Most places will be turned upside down as if they had never been inhabited. There will also be other terrible afflictions both in the Heaven and in the Earth and every sensible person will realise that they are no ordinary phenomena and no trace of them will be found in books of astronomy or philosophy. Then people will be seized by anxiety and will wonder what is going to happen. Many will be saved and many will perish. Those days are near. Indeed they are at the doorstep, that the world shall witness a spectacle of doomsday. Not only will there be earthquakes but other terrible calamities will also appear; some from the heaven and some from the Earth. This will happen because men have given up the worship of their God and all their thoughts and their designs and all their resolves are diverted towards this world. Had I not come, these calamities might have been delayed for a while but with my coming, the secret designs of God’s wrath that had been long hidden have been manifested. As God Almighty said, We never punish until We have sent a Messenger. Those who repent shall find security and those who fear before the calamity overtakes them will be shown mercy. Do you think that you will be saved from the earthquakes? Or that you can save yourselves by your own designs. No, you cannot. All human designs will come to nought that day. Do not imagine that only America has been shaken by the earthquake and that you are safe for you may experience even greater calamities. O Europe, you are not secure! O Asia, you are not secure! O you who dwell in the islands, no artificial God will come to your aid. I see the cities falling and I see the habitations in ruin. The One and the Unique has long remained silent. Abominations were committed before His eyes and yet He remained silent, but now He shall reveal His Countenance in a dreadful manner. He, who has ears to hear, let him hear. The hour is not far. I try to bring everyone under the security of God but the decrees of destiny had to be fulfilled. Assuredly, I say that this country’s turn is also drawing near. The days of Noah shall appear before your eyes and you will see with your own eyes what happened to the land of Lot. But God is slow to wrath. Repent so that you are shown mercy. He who abandons God is a worm, not a man and he who does not fear Him is dead not alive.”[12]

May Allah the Almighty grant wisdom to the world and enable them to desist from their wrong and unjust ways. May He also enable us to fulfil our responsibilities.”


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