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An historical address made to distinguished guests, VIP”s and members of the Ahmadiyya Community at the Inauguration of one of Europe’s largest mosques.

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My Faith

Review of Religions: September 200124 Faith is unyielding conviction. It is the absence of fear and doubts. In its purest form there is no deterrence or...


Prophet for All Mankind

PROPHET FOR ALL MANKIND (Muzqffar Clarke) The Holy Quran bears testimony that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, was a source of mercy and blessing...


Bounties of Allah

29 BOUNTIES OF ALLAH (Hazrat Mirza Ghidcan Ahmad) The bounties that are bestowed upon the followers of the Holy Quran and the special gifts that they receive...



46 MY FRIEND (Bashir Ahmad Orchard) Sometimes my heart bleeds for you! Believe it. or not, it is true. Have you known me to speak a lie? You will not till the...