Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

Guest Speakers at the Jalsa Salana

Message from Rt. Hon. David Cameron
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Message read by Lord Tariq Ahmad

“I want to send my best wishes to everyone taking part in this year’s Jalsa Salana. I know how incredibly important this gathering is for Ahmadi Muslims in the United Kingdom and indeed around the world and therefore I praise you all for coming together in such a positive way to both reject extremism and indeed to pray for peace. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate His Holiness and the Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Community as you celebrate a hundred and twenty-five years since your establishment. In that time, the Community has worked tirelessly to help bring faiths and people together in the name of unity, harmony and peace. So on this special occasion on behalf of my government, I wish to send you all a very joyous and peaceful Jalsa.”

​Judy A SgroHon. Judy Sgro MP
Member of Parliament, York West Ontario, Canada.

“….I had the great pleasure this morning of sitting in on His Holiness’s message to the ladies and this message was the message that should be shared with everyone, not only the Ahmadiyya Community. It’s a message of love and respect and understanding – the message that the world needs to hear. I would hope that all of us when we leave here and with all of our special guests from different countries and leadership roles would take that message back and deliver it in their own words. That is the way that we are going to ensure that the world will be a better place…

…I want to congratulate all of the volunteers. I understand that there are over 1400 volunteers here. I want to congratulate each and every one of you for the work that you have done to provide us an opportunity to come together to learn more about the Ahmadiyya Community, to learn more about what each and every one of us can do, that has an obligation to do, which is to provide leadership both on a political sense and in every other way that we can to ensure that the world is going to be a better place. And it’s not going to be a world full of hate. It will be a world that learns that the best six words that can be said are ‘Love for All, Hatred for None.’

I also have a message from the Leader of the Republican party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau, that I would briefly like to read out to you:

As the Leader of the Republican party of Canada, it is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to Hampshire, United Kingdom for the 48th Jalsa Salana. Since its inauguration, the Annual Jalsa Salana conference has worked to strengthen the relationship between Ahmadiyya Muslim Communities around the world by bringing together delegations from various countries. In addition to promoting closer ties between members of the Ahmadiyya Community, the Jalsa Salana also enhances attendees’ spiritual awareness and knowledge. In Canada, the Ahmadiyya Community has made and continues to make significant contributions to our country’s landscape. We have now formed the Ahmadiyya friendship group, which is an all-party group of all members of Parliament. All different parties together are united to ensure that the Ahmadiyya Community has another voice in Canada.’”

​Dr. Chrispus KiyongaDr. Crispus Kiyonga
Minister of Defence, Uganda and Member of Ugandan Parliament for Bukonjo County West, Kasese District.

“…Yesterday, I listened carefully to your Holiness as you addressed the Convention. I further had the opportunity to then meet your Holiness in your office. You are emphatic and clear that those who claim to kill in the name of religion of God should be condemned. This is a very important message and the instruction to all of us attending this very important Convention. We should all take this message to our brothers and sisters in the countries we come from…

…I want to thank His Holiness for the historical visit he paid to Uganda in the year 2005. His Holiness was able to meet his Excellency Yoweri Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda. The happy memories of your visit are still fresh in our minds and we look forward to your coming again to visit our country. Since your visit, a number of initiatives have been implemented in our country. The scholarship fund for education has helped some poor but bright young people further the education at all levels, including university. The vocational institute established in the district of Budaka in eastern Uganda has given skills to young Ugandans. These skills have enabled the young people to be self-employed and so earn a living. The secondary school, your Holiness reopened in the capital city Kampala is growing day by day, some problems notwithstanding. These are just few examples of the development initiatives that the Ahmadiyya Association is undertaking in Uganda. God willing we expect more initiatives to be established in the country…”

​Gary GuiteauProfessor Gaty Guiteau
Director General of Cultural Ministry, Haiti.

“…This is the first time that a Muslim organisation has invited the Haiti government and also the first time someone from the Haiti Government is representing any kind of event of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s message of peace and love, alongside its unique motto, ‘Love for All Hatred for None’ was first introduced to Haiti in 2007. On 12th January, 2010, the earthquake in Haiti killed over 200,000 people. At the time, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s NGO, Humanity First, practically illustrated its teaching of peace and love, by offering its services in medical care, education and other social care. The Government of Haiti honours the Community’s service.

Ever since the Community has sent one of its missionaries to Haiti and established the mission, I say with great conviction that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s relationship with the Government have further strengthened. As a Director General of Cultural Ministry, I want to tell you that if today there is any community that truly represents Islam and has good relations with its governments, it is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I once again take the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for His Holiness for his services to the moral and spiritual progress of mankind and his humanitarian services. I request His Holiness to pray for Haiti as we often face natural calamities, and request that the humanitarian service your community renders in various countries of the world, kindly extend it to my country also. Your Holiness, we are eagerly awaiting for you to visit Haiti in the near future, and I pray for your long life and success…”

Hon. Ward Kennes MPHon. Ward Kennes MP
Member of Flemish Parliament, Belgium and Mayor of Kastarlee.

At the time when world events cast a dark shadow over Islam, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invites the world to see what true Islam stands for. I was touched by the opening speech of yesterday and my meeting yesterday evening with His Holiness. It inspires me to learn more about the true teachings of Islam. You denounce extremism, for ignoring Islam’s true teachings of adherence to peacefulness, tolerance, and respect for religious freedom of others. This was the message of His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, at the United States Congress in Capital Hill, in the European Parliament in December 2012 in Brussels in Belgium, and this is his message across the world. I highly appreciate the involvement of the Ahmadiyya Community in the promotion of respect, neutral understanding and charity actions across the world as well as our own country, Belgium…

…Under the guidance of your worldwide leader, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, a man of peace, you are setting a model of tolerance and patience. During this convention, I have met some personalities from different countries and we shared our feelings and determination for collaboration with the Ahmadiyya Community. It is amazing to share the same feeling we have and it seems to be like that in many places around the world. I hope that your works, your message of peace, and your philosophy of ‘Love for All, and Hatred for None’ continue to flourish in Belgium and throughout the world…”

​Peter LeeMr. Peter Lee
Representative of Global Outstanding Chinese 100 Organisation, Singapore.

Today I am here on the behalf of my Chairman, Mr. Lee Khoon Choy, under the organisation, GOC 100 (Global Outstanding Chinese 100). Mr. Lee, as you know from introduction, is a man of culture, a man of peace. He is here to promote peace. He has met our Huzur in Singapore. It was last year, on the 6th of September…GOC 100 is here to present the Plaque of Peace to the Head of Peace, Huzur. In the Chinese world, the dragon signifies leadership, authority, especially to the world as the Head of a community. In today’s troubled world, recognition of leadership and followers of peace, is much needed. Finally, on the behalf of GOC 100 (Global Outstanding Chinese 100) and the Chairman Lee, InshaAllah (God Willing) I hope your movement will succeed in establishing world peace and community building in the world…”

Tim UppalHon. Tim Uppal MP
Minister of State for Multiculturalism, Canada and Member of Canadian Parliament for Edmonton-Sherwood Park.

“…This past spring, Canada had the honour of hosting His Holiness, and Canadians from all backgrounds and nationalities greeted him with much enthusiasm. That is because His Holiness was in our country to spread his message of peace, love and harmony; the message of the Ahmadiyya Community…Canada is also recognised around the world for its acceptance of minority groups and the victims of persecution. And, that is why, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was proud to announce the establishment of Canada’s new office of religious freedoms at the Ahmadiyya Muslim headquarters in Ontario. The Government of Canada has made freedom of religion a foreign policy priority. We believe all religious communities have the right to practise their faith in peace and security, free from violence and intimidation…

…I have personally visited the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan. I have met with politicians and lawmakers in Pakistan to raise the issue of religious persecutions of the Ahmadis and the voting rights for Ahmadis in Pakistan, which they do not have. While Ahmadis continue to face persecution abroad, they are welcomed in Canada and this reflects our Canadian values of tolerance and respect for diversity and equality. As servants of humanity, the Ahmadi Community in Canada regularly hosts a number of charitable events to give back to their local communities. They also make many other notable contributions in helping to maintain our peaceful society. The Government of Canada commends the Ahmadiyya Community’s efforts to spread their positive message of peace, love and harmony in Canada, and around the world, and I believe this message is more important now considering the events that are happening around the world…”

​Mervyn ThomasMr. Mervyn Thomas
Chief Executive Officer, Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

As His Holiness, Pope Francis said just two months ago, ‘More Christians are being martyred today than in the very early days of the Church.’ But suffering just as much in many of the same places alongside persecuted Christians are members of your own Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. And so today, I want to say to you, we are standing today with you in solidarity, united with you for religious freedom, and against intolerance, for peace and against persecution. And in the words of your wonderful motto, we stand for, ‘Love for All, Hatred for None.’ In today’s often intolerant society that motto is a real example to everyone. It’s a motto with which every Christian can identify. Indeed it’s a code of living which Jesus Christ himself taught. If everyone adopted it and put it into practise, as your own Community does so inspiringly, the world would be a much happier and more tolerant place…

…We have documented the abuses your Community has faced in several parts of the world, especially Pakistan and Indonesia. We have advocated for the rights of every person of every religion, to be able to practise their faith in freedom without fear. We have joined our voices to yours, our hands with yours, and our prayers with yours. And most we have seen in the eyes of Ahmadis who have suffered violence and persecution, understandable fear, trauma, and sorrow, our staff told me that they have never seen or heard an Ahmadi express hatred for those who attacked them. And we have been deeply impressed by the generous hospitality your Community offers whenever we have met with them. You do indeed exemplify, ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’…”

Mayor Darell Bradley screen grabMayor Darell Bradley
Mayor of Belize City, Belize.

In July 2014 Belize became the 206th country in the world to have an active chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. And I was humbled then to bring words of welcome to Ahmadi Muslims in Belize, and I am equally humbled now to bring greetings to His Holiness and to this Jalsa Salana on behalf of the people of Belize. I extend congratulations to His Holiness for his powerful message of peace and tolerance…the message of His Holiness cuts across the world like a sword, connecting homes and hearts, travelling across countries and continents, to ruins and time zones, connecting in its path over 160 million Ahmadi Muslims, calling them to live lives of peace, understanding, brotherhood and service to others.

I also congratulate His Holiness and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for your many acts of charity across the world. Ahmadiyya Muslims are in every corner of our globe, building hospitals, houses, mosques, providing food, water, electricity and being part of every major disaster; from Katrina to Haiti to Syria, helping human beings from every race and every religion, alleviate suffering and reaching a level of existence that promotes dignity and respect. I join with Ahmadiyya Muslims in condemning all forms of oppression and persecution against your faith. And I commend you for your stance on non-violence, responding to persecution with patient endurance, love and forgiveness. Your example is a light to the world and I stand here in solidarity with you and pledge to work with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Belize to advance your message of peace, unity and service….”

​Moustapha AlajbegovicProfessor Mustapha Alajbegovic
Director of Arabic Center, Zagreb, Croatia.

“…I bring good wishes and message of peace from the people of Croatia. I came across the Ahmadiyya Movement a few months ago. From its start, Ahmadiyyat is spreading its message in the whole of Croatia by various ways and means. On the humanitarian help’s side, with the cooperation of Humanity First, it provided full assistance to flood-affected people of Croatia, which was very much liked by the media and the people of Croatia.

I have some theological differences with Ahmadiyya but I also have a lot of common things, like; humanity, respect for the beliefs of others as well as tolerance and many other things. We Muslims, must respect and tolerate each other and should try to spread the peaceful face of Islam. This is my first experience in any function of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. I found it extremely well-organised; those on duty take very good care of the guests and love and affection is shown by all. By attending the Jalsa Salana, I have seen the people full of love and peace…” 

Parakash RamadharHon. Prakash Ramadhar MP
Minister of Legal Affairs, Trinidad & Tobago.

Let me just say that the Jama’at of Ahmadiyya in Trinidad is a friend to all of Trinidad & Tobago…We have a lovely society, where almost half of our population is of East Indian decent and the other half of African descent, and many cultures have come together and many religions and we have been able to share uniformity of belief in God and goodliness. Let me congratulate your Jama’at in Trinidad & Tobago for being an example to us all. They have exuded love, commitment and kindness to all of our brothers and sisters in Trinidad. And having come here today, it is a wonderful experience to see the level of organisation that you have; the commitment of the young in particular and the brotherhood that I feel in your presence…

…Let me just say to have met His Holiness yesterday, it sparked to me a realisation that the future of the world is determined by the actions we perform today, and if we are to put to our children and their children an inheritance of goodness and peace, we must do so now. And by this Jalsa, and by the very example that you live, and you give to us all, the world would be in a better place and our children will be in safer hands, if we truly love all and hate none. Because if we do not take responsibility for finding the true Islam and allow those issues that take the headlines, then Islam will not be seen in its true and proper light. It is a religion of love, it is a religion of service, of dedication and the world needs you more now than ever.”

​Rtd Major Albert Don-ChebieRtd. Major Albert Don-Chebie
Director General, Ghana National TV.

Ghana National Television is the State Broadcaster in Ghana, which operates 10 channels within the country.

“…I bring you greetings from Ghana and especially warm felicitations from the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation. The Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation and the Ahmadiyya broadcasting, MTA, signed a cooperation agreement a few months ago which has been mutually beneficial to the two organisations. This relationship has very great potentials for even greater collaborations between GBC and MTA. Permit me Your Holiness, to use this opportunity to thank sincerely the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for offering me several insights into the beauty, love and peacefulness of the Ahmadiyya Community. I am already familiar with the overwhelming contributions of the Community to social development, human progress and peaceful coexistence in Ghana. Over the past three days, I have seen true manifestations of friendly love, human kindness and service to mankind. Finally, I wish to assure Your Holiness, and members of the Community that the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation will continue to extend all assistance necessary to bring the loving message and good works of the Ahmadiyya Community to the people of Ghana…” 

​Nic DakinNic Dakin MP
Member of UK Parliament for Scunthorpe

“…As the MP for Scunthorpe, I represent an urban and rural constituency where the Ahmadiyya community makes a real contribution to the life that we have locally. I’m very grateful to see so many of those friends today as I’ve wandered around the exhibitions that are here. As a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group, a founder member of that group, it’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work with colleagues across the community and with my parliamentary colleagues to promote a better understanding of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, both in the UK and across the world. It’s a pleasure to speak to you today recognising the contribution that your community makes globally and in the UK and in my own area…I’ve been really impressed to learn more about the work globally through Humanity First on water aide, on education, which is a passion of mine, on conflict resolution and indeed I learnt that only tomorrow, through your efforts, Humanity First will be opening new schools in Jordan and that is a practical example of the work your faith community, working with other faiths to make a better world…’’

​Ed DaveyRt. Hon Ed Davey MP
Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, UK and Member of UK Parliament for Kingston & Surbiton.

“…[Your Holiness] Last year I personally asked for your advice about the situation in Syria and you were gracious and kind enough to write to me with that advice, as we in government considered the difficult decisions. And when you came to the reception in the House of Commons to mark your centenary, Community centenary in the UK, you were gracious enough to share with myself, ministerial colleagues and members of parliament, your thoughts on achieving peace and justice in our world. You shared, indeed, your concerns about events in the world as you saw them and you were right to worry and reflect your concerns in what you told us. Because this year, reflecting on what has happened in the last twelve months and looking ahead, the world does seem a more dangerous place. Whether it is the events in Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq and no doubt many other countries we could name, the violence, the hatred is indeed alarming.

You’ve heard from other speakers of the appalling murders of members of your Community, most recently in Pakistan. But we know these are just the latest example of the appalling discrimination and harassment that this wonderful Community unfortunately has received in Pakistan. Like Lord Ahmad, I say on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, we say to the Government of Pakistan, you must respect the dignity and rights of all people in Pakistan not least the Ahmadis.

Of course, at the moment, we are particularly worried in government about responding to what is happening in Syria and Iraq. The extremism, the fanaticism is leading to appalling incidents and huge dangers to the people in that area and worries for the rest of the world as something we have to address. And we will need your guidance again, Your Holiness, and we will need to show tolerance and show respect but we will need also to engage in every community in our country to find a way forward together, so we can reflect your teachings for ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ . But let me conclude by thanking you for the work that you do to tackle poverty and injustice here in the United Kingdom and across the world. On one of my visits during Jalsa Salana, I saw the work your Community is doing in many countries particularly in Africa to help tackle poverty. And also to respect the environment as we develop; not just renewable energy but security for water. Your Humanity First projects are second to none and have brought huge hope and help to millions across the world. So, can I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind invitation and hospitality, to thank you for all the charitable works that you lead here and around the world and to thank you for your inspiration and your teachings so we can have a more peaceful world…”

​Mary MacleodMary Macleod MP
Member of UK Parliament for Brentford & Isleworth.

“…I would like to start today by paying tribute to you, to the Ahmadi Community, because you exhibit the very best characteristics of humanity. This is evident in your charity fundraising, service to those in need and your promotion of peace. You have demonstrated your commitment and support to our country, in United Kingdom, in so many ways, from raising millions of pounds for British charities, supporting the commemorations of the First World War by helping to plant thousands of ceramic poppies this year at Tower Bridge, joining in the Lights Out Ceremony, planting thousands of trees, feeding homeless projects, donating blood and promoting messages of peace. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Hounslow Ahmadi Community to welcome the cyclists on the Ride of Peace earlier this year as part of the work that you are doing for the British Heart Foundation and I would like to take this moment to thank the Ahmadi Community in the London borough of Hounslow who have always shown me such warmth and friendship and I really appreciate that for all that they have done…”

Justine GreeningRt. Hon. Justine Greening MP
Secretary of State for International Development and Member of UK Parliament for Putney.

I’ve been to the Jalsa Salana many times but it’s always a privilege to be here and to see so many people in one place from all around the world. It was also a privilege to meet with His Holiness earlier today, and I would like to thank him for his leadership on the behalf of the Ahmadiyya Community and for being such a powerful voice for peace around the world.

I am very proud that the Ahmadiyya Community has a mosque, its first mosque in the United Kingdom, in my own constituency of Putney, Roehampton and Southfields. The role it plays both locally and internationally is a very, very important one. Firstly, locally the Ahmadiyya Community is an important part of my broader local community that I represent in Parliament. And when we have times of crisis, whether it was the July 7th bombings in 2005, when it was the Ahmadiyya Community that brought faiths from across London across our local community to talk about the issues and face them as one community; or whether it was the floods we faced earlier this year when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organisation did amazing work, just down the road from here actually, to help residents who had been affected by those terrible floods. I think you can be immensely proud of the role that the Ahmadiyya Community plays here in the United Kingdom. And of course, in my role as Secretary of State for International Development, I think we share a common purpose with the work that Humanity First does in tackling the huge suffering that we see around the world, perhaps never more so than today…

…The message that the Ahmadiyya Community has, which is a simple but a powerful one, of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ , is surely one of the most important places that we need to start in order to have reconciliation and to bring together communities for the long term. I have no doubt that the Ahmadiyya Community itself has an incredibly important role to play in that reconciliation process and I would like to thank you for the work that you do here in the United Kingdom to bring our communities together more broadly. And at a time when we debate and discuss how we can tackle radicalisation of some of our young people, I think that work has never been more important or indeed more valued by the British people here in the United Kingdom….”

Professor Dr. Artemyev, ReligiologistProfessor Dr. Artemyev,
Religiologist, Kazakhstan

“His Holiness, dear participants of the Convention! I feel an emotion of profound gratitude towards the Fifth Khalifah, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, and to the entire leadership of the Community for inviting me to participate [in this Convention] and speak at such a high forum. Fifteen years ago, I was invited to the Convention of the UK Community for the first time. I started learning about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s doctrine when its first adherents [introduced Ahmadiyyat] in Kazakhstan. As a scholar in Religiology I had already studied various religions for 50 years, and was initially attracted to the motto of your Movement , ‘Love for All, hatred for None’.

In the late 20th century, it wasn’t simply a breakthrough; rather, it was revival of the most bright and kind and compassionate beginnings of Islam, which is all still forgotten today by many sects, or even cynically downtrodden by them. Indeed, all of us are witnesses to the extreme tension in the world, rampaging extremism, and exorbitant religious intolerance. However, it is none other than the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam which tries, through its’ humanitarian activities, to restore the lightful, loving teachings that Islam had brought in the very beginning.

I will now cite the verses from the collection called Hikmat (that is Wisdom) by a great poet and thinker of the East; Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, who lived in the 12th century in Turkistan, currently under Kazakhstan territory. He is famous as the earliest known old Turkic poet who composed poetry in the old Turkic language, and founded the first ever Sufi order amongst the Turkic tribes:

The prophet made the will:

If you bump into non-coreligionists by chance,

Do no harm to them,

God loves not the hard-hearted…

The hearts of Ahmadi Muslims is really inclined towards goodness. I was convinced of this when I visited the Community in our Almaty city, as well as in England, Rabwah, and while meeting followers of this Community in various cities of Pakistan, Palestine, and Israel. During my first visit to London, I was introduced to the Fourth Caliph – Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (may his soul rest in peace). He was an outstanding person. I am happy that I had a chance to speak with him personally, and to listen to his conversations with members of the Kazakhstani delegation.

All Kazakstanis, irrespective of their religious beliefs, are grateful to the Fourth Caliph for his surprisingly profound, reverent and elevated interpretation and perspective of the verses [written] by the greatest Kazakh thinker, Abai. His religious beliefs, in most important respects, are similar with the outlook of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I would even call it a shrilly, perceant rendition. Only a person with perfect knowledge of world literature, an analyst with planetary thinking could compose such a preface to Abai’s poetry collection. The Fourth Caliph named Abai “a poet of an open space” and a “spiritual reformer of the Kazakh people”.

I recollect my trip to Pakistan with sincere excitement, and I wish to express you, Your Holiness, my heartfelt gratitude for the kind reception and for the possibility to get acquainted with the activities of the Pakistani Community. That time His Holiness was the Head of the Pakistani Community. I recollect our meeting, which was replete with great warmth. It left an indelible trace in my heart.

All of this has charged both my scientific and creative energy. I have literally studied all the Russian publications by the Movement, and wrote several articles, including a large section about Islam-Ahmadiyyat in my two-volume monograph ‘Religiology’; which was published twice in Russian, five times in Kazakh translation, and is now being translated into English.

I still remember clearly all my meetings in Rabwah, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore with remarkable people, who sincerely aspired to share with me as much information, regarding their belief, as possible. However, I recollect, with most special and sincere emotion and passion, the unforgettable meeting with teachers and students of Jamia Ahmadiyya in Rabwah. The hall was overcrowded and many sat on steps (in the passage)! We agreed to a 40-minute meeting but it continued for over 3 hours! And how lively and packed that conversation was! I have delivered speeches on many occasions, but I have probably never felt such interest before.

Today, the Ahmadiyya Movement is the fastest growing Muslim Community around the world. The members of the Ahmadiyya Movement are also close to most Kazakstanis. This very fact frightens leaders of so-called ‘Official Islam’, who do everything possible in their efforts to discred Islam-Ahmadiyyat. Over twenty years ago, followers of your Movement appeared in Kazakhstan, and even now they face various trials on their path. But, as the saying goes, “It’s not over yet”. I am sure that the truth will triumph! Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam will take its rightful place in the multi-ethnic and multi-faith palette of Kazakhstan, and I sincerely wish for this [to happen].

I beg pardon if my speech sounds very personal. Please, believe me, I am overflowed with emotions.

Thank you all!

With all my heart, I wish many years to come and good health to Your Holiness, Dear Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, and prosperity to Ahmadiyya Movement under Your wise leadership!

Thank you all for your attention!”