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Mubarak Mosque Germany

His Holiness inaugurated the Mubarak Mosque in Wiesbaden, Germany on 14th October 2019 after which he addressed hundreds of guests at the famous Kurhaus hall in Wiesbaden. We present a brief summary below of that address.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the 5th Caliph (aba) greeted honourable guests by saying the prayers of peace. His Holiness explained that inauguration of the mosque is a matter of great happiness for Ahmadis and it is wonderful to see so many local Germans join us at this occasion. It reflects tolerance and open-mindedness of German.

Some people may have reservation about building a mosque in their neighbourhood. Islam is a religion of peace and mosques are places to worship God. No act of worship is complete without fulfilling the rights Of God’s creations. God Almighty says that that Salat, or formal worship, of those who are unkind and uncaring will be rejected and will become a source of ruin for such people.

Some people accuse Islam to a religion of violence. None of the teachings of Islam advocate violence. During early Islam, Muslims were bitterly persecuted and subjected to immense torture for thirteen years in Makkah. They did not retaliate and when Muslims could not bear the persecution anymore, rather they migrated to Madinah. Even then, the Makkans attacked them with well-equipped and highly trained soldiers. At this, permission to fight was granted to Muslims, only to defend religion. Indeed Muslims were permitted to take up arms to protect synagogues, temples, churches and other places of worship. Islam does not advocate aggression.

It is incumbent upon Muslims to promote social justice and serve humanity. This is the example that was set for us by the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (sa). He joined a committee for the welfare of the poor in Makkah and was willing to serve as a member of that committee with his arch enemies to serve humanity. In accordance with these teachings, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community support deprived communities in Africa. We build hospital, schools, fresh water well and solar energy panel in model villages for the benefits of all, local Christians, pagans, atheists and Muslims. This is what Islam teaches us, our God is called Lord of all the worlds. He sustains and provides for Muslims, Christians, Jews and even atheists alike. And therefore we follow this example and serve indiscriminately.  

We serve German communities as well and will strive to make a greater effort after building of this mosque. Our members will integrate in this welcoming German community by working tirelessly for the betterment of this community, by their education and by not becoming burden on the local council. His Holiness prayed that the mosque would become a source of peace for the community.