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Caliph’s Germany Tour – Today’s Friday Sermon – The Companions

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is currently touring Europe. Today His Holiness delivered the Friday Sermon from Giessen, Germany where approximately 5200 men and women attended. The Review of Religions provides a brief summary of the sermon of His Holiness:

In this Friday Sermon, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), the Fifth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community continued the series of the Companions of Badr (the first battle for which the Muslims were granted permission to defend after 13 years of persecution), of the Holy Prophet (sa).

His Holiness stated that the Companion Hazrat Khubaib bin Adiyy (ra) was mentioned in the last sermon in this series and some further details shall now be given relating to him.

Before his martyrdom, Hazrat Khubaib (ra) had requested for his salam (greeting of peace) to be conveyed to the Holy Prophet (sa) as he was aware the Makkans intended to kill him.

Hazrat Amr bin Umaiyyah (ra) and Hazrat Jabbar (ra) were sent to Makkah to kill Abu Sufyan for his atrocities. Whilst there, they desired to perform the circuits of the Ka’bah [the cube-shaped building which is the House of God in Makkah], but were spotted by a Makkan. They were able to locate the body of Hazrat Khubaib (ra) and the stake upon which he was crucified. They therefore fled to some mountaintops where they stayed the night. As they were being pursued by the Makkans, they had no choice but to throw the body and stake in a stream to one side, and according to another narration they placed them on the ground to the side lest his body be mutilated by the Makkans. In any case, Hazrat Khubaib (ra) was known by the title of the one God Almighty covered up in the ground.

Prior to his martyrdom, a woman in the household in which he was held captive stated that she had not witnessed a person as pious as Hazrat Khubaib (ra) and that despite having little food, it was as if he always had some provisions from God Almighty. He would always recite the Holy Qur’an in the morning and when asked if he needed anything he would request some water and any meat upon which the names of any idols was not pronounced.

On one occasion, this woman sent a young son to take something to Hazrat Khubaib (ra), but then had the thought that he may wish to take revenge by killing this child. However, quite the opposite occurred where he showed great affection to him and told them that it is forbidden in Islam to act with revenge. The woman then informed him that the Makkans had planned to take him the following day to be killed.

Zaid bin Dathinah chained him the following day and took him to a place where he was to be killed. Before doing so, Hazrat Khubaib (ra) requested that he be allowed to offer two Rak’ats (units of prayer), which they permitted. According to one narration, Hazrat Khubaib (ra) was the first Muslim to be crucified. As he was placed on it, he was asked if he would prefer Muhammad (sa) to be in his place, to which he responded that he would much prefer to give his life than for Muhammad (sa) to step on a thorn. Abu Sufyan then said that he had never witnessed such love for a person as the Companions had for Muhammad (sa).

The next account of a Companion relates to Abdullah bin Abdillah bin Ubayy bin Sulool (ra). He was the son of Abdullah bin Sulool and Khaulah bint Munzir. He was previously called Khubab but the Holy Prophet (sa) changed his name to Abdullah (ra). He had the honour of being among the most revered Companions and a scribe of the Qur’anic revelations revealed to the Holy Prophet (sa).

During the Battle of Uhud, he lost two of his teeth. The Holy Prophet (sa) instructed him to have two gold teeth put in their place. As the Makkans were retreating, Abu Sufyan announced that they would fight once again near Badr and the Holy Prophet (sa) accepted the challenge. The following year he appointed Hazrat Abdullah (ra) as the leader of the army sent there.

The Makkans sent someone undercover to spread false information about the Makkan army to spread fear amongst the Muslims. Some Companions had been affected by this, but the Holy Prophet (sa) told them that once a Prophet accepts a challenge, he does not back down, even if he must go alone. He took counsel with the Muslims, and they agreed to stay in Madinah to fight. He related a dream of his, and understood that some Companions would be martyred, including a relative of his and that it is better to remain in Madinah to fight, but some keen youngsters insisted they go out to fight, to which he agreed. As they prepared to fight and saw the Holy Prophet (sa) ready in his armour, they were made aware of their mistake and apologised to the Holy Prophet (sa). He replied that it does not behove the Prophet to remove his armour once he has worn it, so they went forth to fight.

Abdullah bin Ubayy bin Sulool betrayed the Muslims and returned with his army, leaving them with an army of just 700. When Abu Sufyan realised that the plan to spread fear among the Muslims had failed, he retreated with his army, blaming it on the drought at the time.

Following the accounts of Companions, at the end of his sermon His Holiness mentioned the passing away of a servant of Ahmadiyyat, Khwaja Rashiduddin Qamar, who passed away at the age of 86 on 10th October 2019. He was born in Qadian and his father was the first President of the Youth Association of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Sadr Khuddamul Ahmadiyya).

Khwaja Rashiddudin Qamar worked 33 years for British Airways and made sure he had night shifts, in order to spend the day serving the Community. He was appointed the first President (Qaid) Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in the UK and served in many other offices in the UK. He was very loyal to the institution of Khilafat (Caliphate), very pious, regular in his prayers including the voluntary prayers and was extremely kind to children.

He leaves behind his wife, son and two daughters. One of his maternal grandsons is Qasid Muin, an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who works for MTA International [the Community’s official TV station) and Al-Hakam [the Community’s official weekly English newspaper], who says that his grandfather inculcated in them the respect and regard for Khilafat when he was a young child.

Khwaja Rashiduddin passed away after a short battle with cancer. May Allah have mercy on his soul, elevate him in rank and enable his children and grandchildren to continue his good works.