Our Khalifa – Unforgettable Moments with His Holiness (aba)

M. Isabel Losa, London

It was early June of 2013. Almost seven years ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday; fresh and vivid in my mind.

Since the moment I was informed that my very first private meeting with His Holiness (aba) was booked, I was a bundle of nerves. That meeting wasn’t a mere encounter, as it marked a new era for me, since I was also going to enter the fold of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on that same day. 

After the Asr prayer (late afternoon prayer), those blessed people, who were to meet His Holiness (aba) had to be seated in a waiting room until their name was called. So, there I was, waiting on my own to be called. Some were chatting and some were quiet, whilst others were concentrated on praying. I was also trying to focus on prayers, but my heart was beating so quickly that I wasn’t able to concentrate. I was the only one in my family who was taking this step. And having come from a predominantly Catholic background in Spain, I felt blessed to be amongst the few to actually understand the importance and significance of this holy person I was about to meet.

Only a few metres were separating me from him, the person chosen by God Almighty to guide people to Him, to bring faith to the earth, to remind us of the true Creator. He was His representative. His Holiness (aba) was no ordinary man. He was and he is, the man who is closest person on earth to God Almighty. 

My name was called. I felt like I was about to fall.

I walked through the rooms that lead you to his private office and as the door opened to let me in, a fresh and clean air emanated from his office and I felt this freshness on my face. I entered and I saw him, the Caliph of God, the Fifth Caliph of the Promised Messiah (as), standing up behind his desk and extending his hand to invite me to sit. I jumped out of shock when I saw this light and aura in his blessed face. Certainly, I wanted to cry.

I sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, and I explained to him that I wanted to sign my Bai’at form (form of initiation) in front of His Holiness (aba). Then, he smiled and joked, saying, ‘You look like an Ahmadi already.’ He asked me where I was from and enquired about my family. I felt so privileged to be in his presence that I didn’t want that moment to end. After I signed my form, he extended his blessed hand and took the form from me. I had done it. I had taken the step. I was now an Ahmadi Muslim at the hand of Masroor (aba).

I felt relieved, I felt saved, as I felt I was doing the right thing, by following through in the last step of joining the religion of God. 

I requested for his special prayers and then my time with him came to an end.

From that day onwards, seven years later, I have witnessed myself in many occasions the attention and care that His Holiness (aba) shows, not only to Ahmadi Muslims but also to non-Muslims. He has guided us in many occasions, in times of difficulty or in times of fear. One such example happened last year in December 2019. Usually, during the holiday period, my husband and my children travel to Spain to visit and spend time with my extended family in my hometown. While staying in my family’s home, we booked a trip to travel to the north near the Pyrenees with all my family: parents, siblings, and even my grandmother who is 91 years old. On the first night. upon arrival, my grandmother had a fatidic accident, where she fell over and hit her eye with the corner of the bedside table. When we saw the injury we feared the worst; probably she will lose her sight in that eye, or even further damage could happen to the nearby tissues. In the hospital, doctors expressed the urgent need of an operation; and even they were worried that if it doesn’t heal properly, the affected eye may have to be removed. My family and myself were very worried; my mum and sister were in tears and anxious for my grandmother. But I suggested to them that what we needed were prayers, and we needed Allah Almighty’s help. I told them if there is someone on the earth whose prayers are listened to; that is our Caliph of Islam (aba), the Successor of the Promised Messiah (as). So, I suggested to them that we should write an urgent letter to His Holiness (aba), explaining the situation and requesting for prayers for my grandmother. In that very moment, we immediately sent the letter to London, and the message was conveyed to His Holiness (aba). The letter comforted us so much, and helped us to remain calm, and have hope that my grandmother will be fine, as our Caliph (aba) was praying for her.

The next day, the operation was done successfully, and her recovery over the next days was also speedy. Although she had to be in hospital for a week, she was discharged and she was able to go back to her routine. Though she lost sight in that eye, all thanks is due to God that no other complications occurred, and the damage did not affect other areas or tissues. All of us felt relieved. I truly believe that her recovery was thanks to the prayers of His Holiness (aba).

But the amazing thing, which shows His Holiness’ (aba) immense love and care for mankind, is what happened next.

Months after that incident, at the end of February 2020, we had the opportunity to have a private meeting with His Holiness (aba), along with my brother who came from Spain to meet our Caliph (aba) for first time in his life. As soon as we entered the room, His Holiness (aba) looked at us, and asked us: ‘How is your grandmother?’ We were shocked to see that His Holiness (aba) still remembered the accident, that he even enquired about it. Even though we didn’t mention the incident again to His Holiness (aba), neither in letters or in other meetings; he still remembered. We could even perceive in his face, the worry and the concern for my grandmother and her injury. We explained to him that she was recovered and she was fine, Alhamdulillah (all praise belongs to Allah). 

Indeed, His Holiness (aba) is truly a man from God, who cares and prays for all of us. He is divinely guided, and we can witness it in front of our eyes, over and over again.

May God Almighty bless our beloved Caliph (aba) abundantly; may God be his Helper, protect him and guide him at all times. Ameen!