Acceptance of Prayer The Existence of God

A Desperate Desire To Cross The World


Feroz Hundal, USA

While I served in the Marshall Islands, my wife and I were fortunate enough to experience many instances of Allah the Almighty accepting our prayers. I’m going to write about one of these and try to show you that Allah the Almighty always listens to the prayers of His supplicants.

In early April of 2016, my wife was expecting our first child and was heading from the Marshall Islands to Germany. Traveling during a pregnancy always presents challenges, but due to the state of healthcare in the Marshall Islands my wife decided it was the right thing to do. She also wanted to be with her parents when the delivery happened. She wanted me to be there too but this seemed very difficult for me at the time.

The baby was due at the end of August. When we said goodbye at the airport, I had to be honest with her: ‘there is no chance that I will be there at the birth.’ It was just too expensive at the time for both of us to travel halfway across the world.

However, I told her that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) has mentioned in a Hadith [saying of the Holy Prophet (sa)] that Allah the Almighty especially listens to the prayers of a traveler. So we both began to pray earnestly from that day on. 

I continued my work in the Marshall Islands while my wife stayed in Germany with her parents.

In June of that year, I suddenly received a letter from Tabshir UK [Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions Office] that His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) had asked that all young Imams posted under the United States should stay in the UK after or before the Jalsa [Annual Convention], and spend some time with him. 

Hope welled up in my heart, because the Marshall Islands mission is under the United States Jama’at. I called my wife to tell her this and she rejoiced. 

Some weeks later, I received yet another letter from Tabshir UK, that Beloved Huzoor (aba) [His Holiness] had said that U.S missionaries should spend the whole month of August in the UK. 

When I told my wife, we both marveled at how Allah was not only accepting our prayer, but also showing us small miracles every step of the way.

When I arrived in the UK, all missionaries had individual mulaqats [private audiences] scheduled. In my mulaqat, I informed Beloved Huzoor (aba) that my wife was expecting, and asked if I could go for the delivery. 

Huzoor (aba) asked when the child was expected. I told Beloved Huzoor (aba) that doctors said the end of August or beginning of September is the due date. Beloved Huzoor (aba) replied:

جب وقت ہو گا، چلے جانا

‘When it is time, you can go’

After Jalsa UK, we were assigned duties. Some weeks later, I had another mulaqat. I asked Beloved Huzoor (aba) again, and he allowed me to go. Soon after, I flew from the UK to Germany. 

I arrived by her side when the doctors were doing their routine checking, and some days remained till the delivery. As the days passed, my leave in Germany was slowly ending. 

Just three days before I was to head back to the Marshall Islands, our son was born, and our prayer was accepted.

We both witnessed the power of prayer that day, and it was a great blessing that Allah allowed us to observe how He granted our humble request. 

The answer to my prayer materialized from nothing and I was present at the birth of my son. Allah is Al-Mujeeb ( The Answerer of prayers) and there is no limit to what he can do. He does what He wills, and He has power over all things.

About the Author: Feroz Hundal is an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, currently serving in Tulsa.