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Darkness of War

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Fareed Ahmad, UK

What does fate hold for thee?
The bomb, the bullet, the broken tree
The storm of anger, the rage of hate
Is this the path to heaven’s gate?

What bleak future will now unfold?
When children lie lifeless and cold
Where death haunts every dusk and dawn
With piercing pain as mothers mourn

Where is hope in this darkness and dust?
As revenge courses through veins with endless lust
Where truth is buried, and the rockets fall
To crush humanity once and for all

What use the morsel when life has gone?
When morgues are full, and more pile on
As hunger tears life to shreds, and still
Chants ring out, kill, kill, kill!

Where are the voices of the sane?
When those who lead, lead in vain
While shrapnels of war rip through the soul
As each deadly day takes its toll

What of the helpless who flee, but to where?
In lands sodden with blood and despair
As tyranny cuts innocent life in two
Regardless, whether Muslim, Christian or Jew

But brothers, be strong, the hour calls on you
Let enmity perish, give every man his due
And among the rubble and ashes that lie
The hope for peace must never die

Today or tomorrow, of one thing be sure
These burning skies will clear once more
These hellish intrigues shall come to nought
And despots will face what their hands have wrought

When these pestilence-ridden ships of doom set sail
Most certainly will truth prevail
And the lies will unravel, of every ghastly twist
Of who the saviour, and who the terrorist.

About the author: Fareed Ahmad is the National Foreign Affairs Secretary for the UK’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.